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WEP - The Jewel Box of Mystery

Any container can hold surprises, and jewels or keepsakes can be cursed. Beautiful and detailed or worn and dusty, it's a risk not knowing where the box and its contents came from. . .


Working in her study one morning, Madeleine heard a knock on the front door. Putting her book aside, she went to see who would call at this early hour. 

She opened her door cautiously, keeping the chain link attached between the door and the wall. No one was there. After removing the chain, she looked side to side but saw no one. About to close the door, she looked down and saw the wrapped parcel. It had her name and address on the front. She felt a shiver run up her spine. 

"What the . . . ?" 

She hesitated, remembering Pandora's box. That box would have been better left closed. Suppressing her curiosity, she picked it up and brought it inside. Setting the parcel gently on the dining table, she carefully opened the mailing box and unwrapped the object it contained. Inside was a jewel box made of a translucent ivory material that seemed to shimmer, with delicately carved symbols she didn't recognize.

She could feel the jewel box calling to her, open. . . open. . .open. . . So she did. A gasp escaped her lips as she two items in the box and a small bit of writing on a yellowed scrap of paper. Secured with a pearl hatpin, she saw an elegant sapphire ring surrounded by diamonds, and a triple strand of pearls of a choker-style necklace. They sparkled as if new, not hundreds of years old.

The jewel box belonged to someone named Gudruun, or so it was written on a strange type of paper inside, dated 1475. So, how had it survived so many years? And more to the point, how did it get to her door? Was this charmed or cursed? Hidden under the choker she found another piece of rag paper with a warning.

A beautiful chest contains the power, which attaches to the person who receives these objects, but know that the ring will give but the choker will take away. 

As she read these words, Madeliene felt a strange warmth infuse her body with a sense of contentment. Her mind was pushing her worries into a small corner and changing her resistance to put the ring on her finger. She felt no need to worry. . .

"Why not?" she said as picked up the ring. It was a perfect fit.

WC story 386

Would you be tempted to open the box? If not, why not? If there was no warning, would you wear the jewelry, or arrange to have it destroyed?

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WEP Write, Edit, Publish, a flash challenge
Prompt: Jewel Box

It's time for another WEP challenge - with the support team of Nilanjana Bose and Olga Godim and L.G. Keltner adding their imaginings and creativity. Thanks to Denise for being the host.

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WEP - 28 Days and Gone - February Challenge

Time is such a controlling master. Sometimes, you need to leave your past behind. . .

28 Days and Gone
A study case in the Wish-ESP connection

I can't believe it. 28 days. I've been hiding in a deserted cabin for 28 days, and no one has reported me missing. No one has come looking. I wanted them to think I had vanished, I wanted to become someone else. Maybe it will be easier than I thought.

When life knocks you flat, you get up. You don't give in. Everyone I cared about is gone, killed in one moment in time by a careless driver. If I had been in that car, I would be dead as well, but I wouldn't be alone. I thought for a while I'd track down that driver, but that would tie me to this place. I want to get away, I can't stand the memories that keep running through my head.

How do I start over, where do I go? I want to go where no one knows me. I need a change, preferably somewhere far from here.

Last night I saw a meteor shower, mesmerizing and beautiful in its brilliance. Now, everyone in this small town is looking for the pieces of the meteorites that may have stayed intact. Enough of waiting. I grab my backpack and jacket and close the door to the cabin.


I climbed up the steep road keeping to the trees, and as I reached the top of the hill, I saw a figure shaped like a man but smaller, coming the opposite way. I hid behind a tree, as I couldn't make out the features of the man-creature. It stopped right at the tree and looked at me. I could see blue skin and large blue eyes. As it fiddled with a translation box on its chest, I heard him say, "Human, are you ready for the tour?"

Tour? Am I dreaming"Yes," I managed to say, ignoring my fluttering stomach.

"The tour ship is waiting. Follow me."

"How long will the tour take?" Will I ever come back?

"28 of your Earth days. We use hyperjump travel. There are also longer tours, if you survive your initial trip. Follow all instructions please."

"I see." Why did he say survive? But then, maybe I don't want to know. 

As we entered the portal within the clouds, I took one last look at the blue planet. Earth.


Pixabay Image from Int'l Space Station-free use.

28 galaxy days later, we exited the same cloud portal and there was my home planet, but it looked different, as if it had more ocean water visible than I remembered. I had requested to be landed near my home.  I survived this trip and could book another in a couple of years.

 As I walked to my old neighbourhood, nothing looked familiar, the houses were all different and only a few people were around. I looked at an overhead ad sign which said, “In this year 2047, we will be sending another colony to Mars. Do you want to be a colonist in space?”

So, 28 galaxy days equalled 28 Earth years. That’s a translation I missed. But no one here will remember me now and I haven’t aged at all. I think I’ll stay here.

523 Word Count


Would you want to join this tour? If all your obligations were gone, would you prefer turning vigilante to track down the driver, living with the reality of losing your family, or casting away the depression and doing something totally different?

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WEP Write, Edit, Publish, a flash challenge

It's time for another WEP challenge - with the support team of Nilanjana Bose and Olga Godim and L.G. Keltner adding their imaginings and creativity. Thanks to Denise for being the host.

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Image Credit: Image of Earth from the International Space Station.


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Silhouettes - A Short Story Collection Review

A collection of short horror stories by Roland Yeomens that will make you look over your shoulder, and avoid the darkness. 

Cover for Silhouettes Stories, Roland Yeomans

Silhouettes in the Key of Scream

The theme is revenge, and the different ways it can manifest itself in the minds of those who now reside on the 'other' side. Be warned that you should never underestimate the strength or the depth of revenge. . . Following is a list of the short stories in this collection and a snippet about them.

The Dead Have No Say

A tale set in Hollywood, and served with the movie industry's flair for style and drama. An undead actress has a score to settle with her past coworkers. She sets the stage to
unveil her plan. 

The Town That Hated God

A seraphim, Darael, is sent by the Vatican to settle a problem in a town lost to evil. He confronts the dangers in his own way. Although Darael's history is known, his powers are not. 

Dead Not Yet

When a ghost from your past comes back to visit - do you welcome them or run the other way? Running might be the wise choice, especially if the ghost is a sultry red-haired female.

Murder As A Kindness

Sometimes a 'past' interrupted comes around again, like a second-hand second chance. You may get what you want, but not the 'way' you would have chosen. . .

A Shore Never Reached

This tale goes to the past in memory of loved ones, those who were taken from their son. A harsh decision must be made so fewer will suffer.


Do you ever think of revenge or do you just let it go and try to learn from it ? Do you like collections of stories?

Please leave a comment so I know you were here, and I'll respond. If you like Roland's novels, you might want to read this collection. 



Roland Yeomans was born in Detroit, Michigan. But his last memories of that city are hub-caps and kneecaps since, at the age of seven, he followed the free food when his parents moved to Lafayette, Louisiana. The hitch-hiking after their speeding car from state to state was a real adventure. Once in Louisiana, Roland learned strange new ways of pronouncing David and Richard when they were last names. And it was not a pleasant sight when he pronounced Comeaux for the first time.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in English Education and a Master’s degree in Psychology.  He has been a teacher, counsellor, book store owner, and even a pirate since he once worked at a tax preparation firm.

So far he has written thirty-four books.  You can find Roland at his web page: www.rolandyeomans.blogspot.com  or at his private table in Meilori’s.  The web page is safer to visit.  But if you insist on visiting Meilori’s, bring a friend who runs slower than you. 


Images in this post property of Roland Yeomans. Photo of Roland's cat, Midnight, courtesy of the cat.
Midnight. A helpful friend of the author.

Note: I was going to post this review in part on Amazon Reviews, after I purchased and read it, but the controller, Amazon, blocked me from doing that as I had not spent a specific amount on books ordered from them in the previous 12 months. This is not customer friendly, IMO.


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WEP Ribbons and Candles - A Christmas Space Story

Ribbons are like roads tying different places together in time and in place. Candles project warmth and light the path for each person to find their way to what they are seeking. 

Hubble Image - Free Use


This is a continuation story told as part of a series. Links to the previous stories in this series are at the bottom.


Seek and you might Find
Wait and that which you seek might find You.



Odiwa and Dev sat in the captain's office, sipping something like tea. Dev had come to discuss the explorations team that would go down to the Lower Levels.

"Well, Dev, I think you need to talk to Noot before you make any plans. We can always add you to the team later." 

"Why Noot? Aren't you in charge here?"

"They don't call me Capt'n for my good looks, Dev. Noot is my right hand man. I'd trust him with my life. He usually heads up any expedition. Besides, you just got away from those Lower Levels, and I think Noot might have something to say to you, too."

"Okay. I like Noot, I have no problems talking to him. He brought us to the Upper Levels to meet you, and I'm grateful for that."

"Drop by later and bring Moby with you. I have something I want to tell him."


Dev knocked on Noot's door and heard him say, "Come on in, I'm just looking for some maps."

As he looked up to see who had knocked, Noot felt a little strange and his heart was thumping as he saw Dev. Was this his long-lost son? 

"Hello, Dev, what brings you to my place?'

"Odiwa wanted me to discuss the exploration team and whether I should go or stay behind. I'd like to help out, but I hate to leave my family alone. I guess you will be in charge of the explorations, won't you?"

"Yes, and I think you should remain behind now. You can go on the next exploratory team, but for now that son of yours needs his dad.

"Oh. You're right, he's had a tough time. He sure likes you, though. I almost forgot, Odiwa wanted me to tell you my kidnapping story. We got to talking about how we got here and he thought you'd be interested."

"I am. Very much. Sit and I'll make us a hot drink. That was a brave move that you did, escaping from those slaver types."

"I didn't have a lot of choice, I knew that my wife and son wouldn't be safe if we stayed. I had a lonely childhood myself, after my mother was killed and my father disappeared. The kidnapper told me my father did the killing, but for some reason I couldn't believe it. He raised me and then left me alone for a while so he could continue raiding. He took me and my family with him when he came out here to avoid the Galactic police. Then, he died on the way from some virus he contracted and his gang decided to make us slaves. That's how we arrived here in the Lower Levels. How did you end up here, Noot?"

"I had nothing left to lose. I came home to find my wife dead, and my son missing. The planetary police wanted to frame me for it since they had no other evidence. I did what most smart guys do, and left for the Outer Reaches. I didn't know who did the dirty deed but my life was worthless after that. I searched and tried to find out about my son but always came up empty. I was a hermit here until Odiwa decided to pull me out of my melancholy."

"Your story seems almost parallel to mine. What was your wife's name?"

"Nita, my only love." Noot saw Dev turn pale.

"Is something wrong, Dev?"

"My mother's name was Nita. The kidnapper changed my name to Dev."

"What was your birth name?"

"I only remember my mother calling me a nickname, Dari."

"Dari is a fine name, usually used for the proper name Darielo."

"And what was your son's name?"

"Darielo Newt. It's why I'm called Noot here on the space station. . ."

Dev swallowed but his mouth still felt dry. "It's very hard hearing all this, yet it makes me feel hopeful. You think I'm your son?"

"It's hard for me too," said Noot. "I'm afraid to believe it, yet it would make me the happiest man if it's true. I praise the Fates that brought us together. Do you think I'm your father?"

"I don't think all these things are just a coincidence. My brain is spinning, though. I don't think you could have killed my mother since you said she was 'your only love'."

"A kidnapper will say anything to cover himself. Perhaps he wanted a son like you. I don't understand why he would have killed Nita though."

"Mother tried to fight him. She tried to protect me from him. I could hear them yelling and he must have hit her because I heard someone fall. When I ran in to the room, she was lying in a pool of blood. I was terrified. I didn't know where my father was."

"I was working out at the asteroid field. That work used to take me away for weeks at a time."

"I'll have to tell my wife, Jio and Moby."

"We'll tell them together if you want."

"I would like that, Father."

"I like the sound of that, Son, it makes an old man feel like life is good again."


Odiwa had carved a spaceship from a scrap of wood he found in the storeroom. Dev's son Moby would get a gift while he told him the ancient story of Christmas, an old Terran legend.

When the boy came to see him he told him about candles left in the windows to help travellers to find comfort if they were far from home. He told him of the ribbons given to tie back the hair of men and women in the early days of the celebration. For the children, gifts were left by a jolly man who dressed in red, and lived at the North Pole, making toys to give to children. It was a tradition in some countries.

Moby listened quietly with eyes as round as could be, but those eyes were staring at the small carved spaceship sitting on Odiwa's desk.

"Toys? Is that a toy?"

"Oh that, some guy in a red suit must have left this toy here. There is a name on it. Well, my goodness. . ."

"What?" Moby couldn't sit still. "I wish it was for me."

"That seems to be a wish come true. It says, 'for Moby'."

Moby's mouth dropped, "For me? Are you sure?"

Odiwa smiled and handed the small wooden spaceship to the boy. "For you, and I hope you will remember to tell your children that story, too. We must always remember our home planet of Terra, where humanity originated."

A few minutes later, Moby's parents and Noot come back and tell Moby that he really does have a grandfather, Noot.

"Then all my wishes have come true, Mr. Odiwa. Will you thank that man in the red suit for this spaceship?"

"I sure will, Moby."

Moby turned to Noot, "Hi Grandfather, I knew, when I first saw you."

(The End of Noot's story. More character stories to come.)


Do you think Christmas will become a legend in the future, when humanity is spread through the stars? 

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Merry Christmas to you and Best Wishes for the New Year!


WEP Write, Edit, Publish, a flash challenge

It's time for another WEP challenge - with the support team of Nilanjana Bose and Olga Godim and L.G. Keltner adding their imaginings and creativity. Thanks to Denise for being the host.

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Hubble Space Station Images

WEP - Change of Heart - Discovery (3)

WEP - Unraveled Yarn - Lower Levels (2)

WEP - Road Less Traveled- An Outpost Story (1)


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Deja Vu - Who are you?- WEP October

Paths cross for reasons unknown. Is it Fate or Happenstance that brings together those whose destinies are intertwined? Are there 'threads of possibilities' that become realities depending on the degree of need of the parties involved? 

Hubble Space Telescope - Magellanic Cloud *


For previous episodes, see the links under referencesIn this segment, the couple and the young boy found in the inspection of the lower levels are brought to Odiwa for debriefing. 


Noot couldn't get the images of his son, as a child, out of his head. That memory was buried deep in his brain. The hurt and the sense of loss of wife and child came rushing back. He pushed the hurtful emotions into the depths of his memory. No time for that now. Later.

Noot and Mondero escorted the young couple to the upper levels,where Mondero suggested that Noot watch the young child while the parents talked to Odiwa. Noot had changed since meeting the young boy, he was acting as if he had experienced déjà vu.

Noot took Moby's hand as they walked into the waiting room. Dev and Jio followed Mondero with some trepidation at meeting Odiwa. During the interview, Dev told Odiwa about being kidnapped as a young child. He couldn't remember his parents faces, but he remembered his mother's name, Nita. Odiwa felt like he was missing a connection of some sort while he listened.

"Where were you and your family captured by these Lower Level people?"

"On the planet, Magellan, near the Sirius galaxy. As a child, the kidnapper Joss told me my father had killed my mother in a fit of rage. After I turned 20 galactic years, I escaped from the man who kidnapped me. I didn't believe what he told me. He left me alone until he decided to leave for the outer reaches. MagPol, was looking for him and his gang. They found me and my family and took us with them. Joss died on the trip to the Outer Reaches, so then rest of his team decided to make us their slaves and threatened to kill the boy if we didn't agree."

"That's some story, Dev, but you are a survivor and you did well to escape. How did you manage that?"

"Through wit, luck and careful planning. Jio and I were not taking chances that Joss' men might harm Moby. It's a long story, but we were trying to decide our next move when your men happened upon us. Our food supplies were minimal as we were on the run. The little one has been confused and scared but tries not to show it. I think that's why he wanted your man Noot to be his grandfather."

"Interesting. What skills do you have, maybe we can fit you in here if you can help with the work. We all support each other somewhat, and I'm the so-called Captain of this defunct space station. It's our home, though, and we don't want trouble from the lower levels."

"I'll tell you what I know about the lower levels, and what we've seen. We will do our part if you let us stay. I'm not scared of work. I will do what you ask, but my skills are the practical ones. I can build things, and I know about growing food. Jio was a field nurse.when she came to live with me."

"We'll talk again in a few hours. Here's the keys to the room where you can stay temporarily, until we register your family. You can get food at the MessHall on the northwest side of this level. Mondero can take you there. Let me know if anyone gives you any trouble. Will you ask Noot to come in?"


Noot and Moby, are talking in the waiting room outside Odiwa's office. 

"What is this place, Noot?"

"I call it home. It's what used to be a space station. A busy place with spaceships coming and going."

"Am I going to stay here now?"

"That's up to the boss, Odiwa and your parents."

"I hope we do. Can you be my grandfather, then?"

"I suppose I could pretend to be, if your parents approve. Have you ever met your grandfather before?"

"No, my father said he was dead before I was born. He doesn't like to talk about it when I ask."

"Maybe there is a reason."

"I don't know. Nobody tells a kid anything important."

"Well, we can talk whenever you want. I'll try to answer some of your questions."

"Thanks, Noot, you can be my friend first, and grandfather second."

"Sounds like a plan. If your parents approve."

Noot and Moby look up as they see Moby's parents coming out of Captain Odiwa's office. They tell Noot that Odiwa wants to see him. 

"We are going to get some food and rest, Noot, thanks for watching Moby."

"Anytime, I don't mind at all. Reminds me what it's like to be young."


Odiwa told Noot about his idea that Dev could be Noot's son, but Noot is wary of believing that. Will his son talk to him about the time he was kidnapped? It will awaken old wounds in both men. For the first time since Odiwa met Noot, he saw a changed man, a man with hope in his heart and sadness in his eyes. 

As he walked away, a thought unbidden rose to the surface in Odiwa's brain, he must remember the threat still existing in the Lower Levels.

To be continued . . .

WC=924 approximate (story only)

Do you believe in Déjà Vu or have you experienced it? Do you think families will adapt to the rigors of space life, away from the planetary norms?

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October WEP Challenge

WEP Write, Edit, Publish, a flash challenge

It's time for another WEP challenge - with the support team of Nilanjana Bose and Olga Godim and L.G. Keltner adding their imaginings and creativity. Thanks to Denise for being the host. We also want to wish Yolanda the best in her new challenges.

Click on the link for WEP  to see the list of participants and read their stories. 

References and Links:

déjà vu - a feeling that you've been in that time and place before


WEP - Change of Heart - Discovery (3)

WEP - Unraveled Yarn - Lower Levels (2)

WEP - Road Less Traveled- An Outpost Story (1)


Wednesday, August 15, 2018

WEP - A Change of Heart - Discovery


Free Use Image-HS


In the last segment of this story, Odiwa, the station manager, told Noot and Mondero to scout the lower levels to determine if a 'radio' message about a raid was an actual threat. 


Noot and Mondero walked to a deserted part of Level 8, down through a maintenance corridor and stopped at an elevator. It didn't appear to be operational. No lights. No noise. Entry screen dark.

"What's this? Is it working?" Mondero asked.

"See that sign, it says Freight Only. That means I need a key, which I have, and I control which floor we stop on. Odiwa told me about this elevator a few months ago. Not many know it works. We can block certain floors if needed."

"You're a cagey one, Noot. I like that. So what's the plan?"

"Plan? I don't need a plan. We're scouting out the area. No one has been down to these levels for a couple of years now."

"That's reassuring. . ."

The mid levels contained much of the still operating machinery which powered the station air, the water and waste systems and a few isolated areas which had been designated as restricted. An empty holding area composed of individual cells was kept for the criminal elements.

"How do we know what's on all these levels below the main, Noot?"

"Exploration was a necessity when we first came here. Odiwa found an old map in what used to be the administration centre on this station and we went out in small groups. The first ten is where the existing population including us lives, the second ten is maintenance and holding cells. After those, we have made a buffer zone of ten more levels. No one should be in those levels, but there could be things like  radio transmitters, which could have been used by the controllers."

"Controllers? Who or what is that?"

"Nothing ominous.  The workers who guided the ships onto a beam for docking were called that. And below that buffer zone, we aren't sure what, who or how many may be living there. The air supply and other systems for water are still working. That's about it."

"It's just a matter of time before someone is going to get curious if the other levels are working. Do we take prisoners or talk to the perps?"

"Neither one. We are here to see what is going on. And that's all we're going to do this time, Mondero. Odiwa said to look, get as much info as possible and get back to him when we returned."

"That's fine with me. You lead when we get there, I don't know my way around. And Noot, if anything does occur, you can count on me to have your back."

"You do that."

Mondero kept silent as they left the elevator and Noot locked the control board.


With weapons drawn, the two men stayed together and began surreptitiously checking corridors to be sure they were empty. Noot put up a hand and signalled to the pilot to be quiet and listen. Some faint footsteps could be heard. They crept back into an indented doorway and waited.

CLICK. . .the two men heard just before a couple and a small figure came into the hallway. They were armed, but one was carrying a small child.

"Hold your fire, we mean no harm," Noot said before he stepped out in front of the man holding an old style laser gun.

"Who are you?" the man asked. "You're not a renegade, are you?"

"You'd be dead if we were. We're looking for those renegades you mentioned."

"Oh. You're from the upper levels?"

"That's right. How did you get that museum gun?"

"We found it, but it's got very little ammo in it. We're living in a hiding spot on this floor, and we keep moving about if we hear something we can't identify. I thought I heard some strange sound."

"The freight elevator made that, most likely. How did you get here?"

"We were with the 'Lost Ones', the colonists that left Terra during the final stages of evacuation, looking for a place to live. We had no luck but kept searching until our starship floundered. It was  taken over by renegades and we and others were brought here to be used as slaves."

The little boy, not more than four years, walked up to Noot. "Are you my grandpa?"

For a moment, Noot felt unsteady, a flash of deja vu enveloped him. Then, he stooped over to ask the child his name. It brought back memories of his own son. . .

"Me? I am Moby," said the child as he fixed his large eyes on Noot.

Noot felt a change of heart when he saw the small child, a little boy. He had a family, long ago, before he became a wanderer. Before his wife died, his world caved in and he went searching for the kidnapper of his son. He never found his son.

"My name is Mondero and this is Noot," the pilot said. "We're looking for raiders, someone we heard over an old radio receiver."

"We can give you information, as much as we have. I'm Dev and this is my partner, Jio," said the man.

"Good, but save it for the captain of the station. Is it safe for us to check without more people?"

"I wouldn't recommend it. The men we have observed don't look too accommodating, and they would likely shoot on sight."

"Fair enough. We will take you with us, under protective custody, and Odiwa can determine what we can do for you. I'd like a larger group before we proceed further."

"I don't know, Noot," said Mondero, "are you sure Odiwa will be okay with that?"

"Nope. But we will deal with that if we need to. I'm trusting you two know what will happen to you if you're lying to us?"

"We tell the truth. We want your help."

Returning to the upper levels Noot reports to Odiwa and turned the couple over to the captain for debriefing. A council meeting of the working crew was called. On this outstation there were no police, just experienced ex-military who acted as a reserve group.


This story series continues. . .is this couple legit? What type of armed group can they muster? Come back next time to discover tales of outpost life in the outer reaches.


How would you like going into a unknown area, not knowing what you might find on an abandoned outpost station? 

Please leave a comment to let me know you were here and I'll respond. Thanks for stopping by to read my entry.


WEP Write, Edit, Publish, a flash challenge

It's time for another WEP challenge - with the support team of Nilanjana Bose and Olga Godim adding their imaginings and creativity. Thanks to Denise for being the host. We also want to wish Yolanda a swift recovery.


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WEP - Unraveled Yarn - The Lower Levels

The Lower Levels of Outpost Station #6

Free Use Image

Somewhere out there in the vast darkness and bright stars at the edges of civilized space, the only law is what you can enforce. An abandoned space station can be like an old west town, where the yarn is always unraveling. . .

(Continued from The Outer Reaches, the first Outpost story )

Noot had just sat down with a  coffee (at least that's what they called it) when he heard a knock on the door. Slowly he got up, putting down the reader he had found from decades prior. A fella can't sit down for a few minutes, oh no. . .

Opening the door, he was surprised to see the pilot that he had found on the lower levels. He appeared slightly agitated. 

"Can I come in?"

"Sure, sure. Why not? You need something?"

"Just talk right now. I was listening to an old short wave radio I found and I heard some talk about raiding this old abandoned station. It didn't seem to be coming from a distance, but closer if not on the station. It seemed to me that they were trying to contact someone here."

"You sure about this? I can't go to the Boss with some cockamamie story."

"Why would I make it up? You can come and listen for yourself, Noot."

"Right. But first, sit down and tell me more. Where is this radio? You sure this isn't some kind of set-up? You show up here, and shortly after, you hear about a raid on this derelict old station. Nobody usually bothers us, most don't even know we are here, and that's the way we like it."

"I swear, Noot, I wouldn't do such a thing. Do you know if there are people on some the lowest levels? I'll do my best to defend any kind of trouble on this place. I was a pilot and I did serve time in the fleet before all my stupid mistakes."

"Hmmm. You were in the fleet, eh? That gives you a bit more credibility. As for the information you heard, we don't honestly know too much about the lowest levels. We are all fugitives from one thing or another and most of us scrounge for what we have."

"Maybe they want to strip the metals, I don't know. Does anyone know about those flyers you discovered, other than the the Boss (look for his name)?"

"A few of us, but all are trusted. This is bad news if it's true. We may have to rig some traps for these attackers, if they exist." He looked pointedly at the pilot. A raised eyebrow was all he got in return.

Noot finished his coffee, and grabbed a jacket. "Let's go, then. I want to hear that message if it comes again."

Noot followed Pilot Mondero down to his rooms. He watched as he connected the wires. The 'radio' as Mondero called it, looked like a bunch of toggles, switches and wires. Noot was intrigued, wondering where all these parts must have come from. 

Static burst out as Mondero fiddled with the tuning until all of a sudden they heard, "We have a team ready to breach the upper levels. Those upper levels won't be ..." static interrupted the rest of the message.

More static came back. . .then the voice continued.

"...Received. Time plan is set. Keep this talk to a minimum. See you at ......."(more static). 

Noot and Mondero looked at each other, both surprised and alarmed. An attack might be imminent. They tried but couldn't pick up the signal again.

"We have to notify Odiwa right away. He'll know what to do. Let's go, Mondero. Sorry for my earlier comments. You may have just saved us from a rude surprise."

(To be continued at another WEP moment.)


WEP Write, Edit, Publish, a flash challenge

It's time for another WEP challenge - with the support team of Nilanjana Bose and Olga Godim adding their imaginings and creativity. Thanks to Denise for being the host. We also want to wish Yolanda, the other host, a swift recovery.

The challenge:
Create an artistic entry using the given prompt: a poem, a flash fiction piece of 1000 words or less, a non-fiction piece detailing your personal experience or someone else's experience, write a script, draw your dreams, or post a photograph or a photo essay. The genre and the artistic choice are yours!

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