Eiffel Tower, Paris  by DG Hudson 2010

Paris in the Autumn

After a trip to Paris, France in the Autumn of 2010, I collected my notes and the vast array of photos we had taken on our two week stay.  The posts written at that time form a related series.  I've gathered the links in one place for convenience, as the posts span two different blogs.  During that trip, I kept a travel journal and tried to summarize each day's high points or special events.

Hope you enjoy the link travel tour and photos.  Memories look better with visuals.


LAST UPDATE - June 7, 2014.

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Paris Walks (walking tours, some guided, some explorations)

A Louvre Pyramid with the Arc du Carousel 'within' - DGH

Paris Bistros and Sidewalk Cafes (prices and menus)

Les Deux Magots, Latin Quarter Paris 2010 by DGH

Paris Apartment Rentals and Booked Tours - (review and recommendations)

Style and Fashion, Paris, France 2010 by DG Hudson

Immerse Yourself in the Moment (a sensory tour of Paris)

The Seine River, Paris France 2010 by DG Hudson

Paris - Pere Lachaise Cemetery (In memory of. . .)

Timeless design from the past - Pere Lachaise, Paris by DGH

Paris Gilt Trip (Gold-dipped beauty)

Versailles, France 2010 - Hall of Mirrors by DG Hudson


Paris - City of Light

When evening falls. . .

Cafe Louis-Philippe, Paris  in the Evening by DG Hudson


Paris - Architecture Smorgasbord

A sampling. . .

Notre Dame (Our Lady of Paris) by DG Hudson


The Eiffel Tower - A Photo Study;  Different angles and views from the tower. 

Eiffel Tower from the Plaza - a gathering spot, photo by DGHudson

Statuary at the Louvre - A Study in StoneA peek inside the famed gallery with a focus on sculpture.

Louvre Sculpture, Antiquities, Paris, Fr. - photo by DG Hudson


PARIS - The Street Scene

The Marais, Montmartre, The Champ Elysees . . .

Saturday Marais Street Market - Paris, Fr. - by DG Hudson

The streets of Paris will lure you along cobbled paths, wide thoroughfares, and tree-lined boulevards.  Enjoy the walk.


Monet's Garden - A Palette of Color

No matter the season, this is a place of beauty, the lush green background suffused with splashes of red, yellow, pink, blue and purple. . . this is serenity.

Claude Monet's Garden, Giverny, Fr. by DG Hudson


Paris Postscripts  (little things about Paris)

Hotel de Vendome, the adoration of Oscar Wilde's tomb, an Old Paris miniature in the Museum Carnavalet, and the beautiful and talented Dalida, international singer.

Bronze Dalida, Singer, Montmartre, by DG Hudson


Paris - Street Level Study

Sometimes it's the little details we remember; like the ones shown in these photos.

Montmartre Starbucks, Paris by DG Hudson

Starbucks in Paris-Montmartre
Cobblestones of Pere Lachaise Cemetery-20th Arrondisement.
The Eiffel Tower-16th Arrondisement
Paris advertising (retro)-Champ Elysees
Winston Churchill, bronzed in mid-stride.


Paris - Odd Shots and Angles

Montparnasse Tower in background, Paris by DG Hudson

What you'll see:

Montparnasse Tower, Saint-Jacques Tower in the Marais, and an inner courtyard in an 18th century residential building, shown from interesting wide angles to closeups.


A View with a Window (Paris)

Highlighting the various views that need a window in Paris:

A Window on Old Paris, on the rue de Rivoli
The back view of the Versailles Gardens
Under the Glass Pyramid window at the Louvre
Family Monument stained glass windows at Pere Lachaise


Paris - Rooflines and Details

Vintage Roof in the Marais, Paris, by DG Hudson

Look up to the roof of a 18th century residential building, or at the red chimney pots and Notre Dame waterspouts.  You might miss these unless you stop and look up, up, way up.


A Pizza Place in Paris

While in Paris, eating is a must. It's a city known for its food. Some of the best places are tucked into the side streets and local squares, away from the tourist hotspots. This post is about a cafe we liked, the Pizza Sant'Antonio, in the Marais, Paris.


La Belle Époque - Beautiful Era

A time of learning, invention, design and innovation. This era refers to the years between 1871 - 1914.

Lapin Agile, Artist Cabaret, Montmartre, by DG Hudson


Paris - The Fountain of the Innocents

A little square with an important fountain. The oldest fountain in Paris. Photos included.


Reflections of France - Paris, Versailles, and Giverny

Back of Versailles, Reflection by DG Hudson

Reflections are like a window on a reverse world, or a parallel universe.  The mirror effect expands our view of reality, even though we know it`s an illusion.

Paris - The Little Details

Les Halles Carousel, Paris by DG Hudson

The little details: on monuments, churches, fountains, cobblestones or carousels. Our memories retain what we notice. Photos to illustrate.


PARIS - A Flaneur's View July 2013

Street observers who stroll, view and interpret what they see are called flâneur. This means 'stroller', or 'saunterer', one who doesn't hurry. A flâneur has no particular destination in mind, but is interested in all he sees.  Have a look!

A cemetery, a brand, a castle and a bridge. . .

Pere Lachaise Cemetery, by DGH


PARIS - A Door August 2013

Montmartre, former home ofVan Gogh Bros. DGH

Doors let us in or keep us inside, they make us wonder what's behind them. A door allows us to pass from one location to another. A doorway can also be called a portal. Enter to see more doors.


PARIS - The Cafe Pages - August 2013

Arts and Letters Cafe Paris, DGH

A peek into four different cafes in Paris and four different experiences. Read about Leftovers of Love, Camaraderie, What's Going On, and Resistance is Futile.


PARIS - Outside the Café September 2013

Be aware of your surroundings, especially when travelling. In a city like Paris, surprises can be just around the corner. Three scenes: Streetwise, Bomb Threat at the Eiffel Tower, and Nutella Crepes at the Art Gallery.

Archaic Weapons - History Revisited in Paris - October 2013

Weapons or knives on display at the Louvre Museum.  French swords in the Carnavalet Museum. At the beginning of the 17th century, the flintlock mechanism replaced earlier firearm technology. See a pair at the Carnavalet Museum.


PARIS - The Louvre's Small Antiquities

Cast your mind back to the days of the pharoahs, and let your mind imagine what these carved art works were used for. The quality is excellent; the tools were ancient.


PARIS - A Flaneur's View at Halloween

Notre Dame Cathedral leering over the square, the unique monuments at Montmartre Cemetery, and Pere Lachaise's sculptural monuments set the stage for Halloween and All Hallow's Eve.


PARIS - A Flâneur's History Walk Nov 2013

A Flâneur's walk is pleasure when it has no purpose other than to look upon the world and wonder.  Of course, afterwards, the flâneur offers his observations.
Etienne Marcel, The Six Continents as Women, and the Eiffel Tower just being there.


The Louvre and Versailles - Ceiling Art  Nov 2013

How often do you expect to find art on the ceiling? In the medieval churches and also in museums and art galleries, be aware that art is everywhere. This is especially evident in Paris.


PARIS - Antiquities and Bastet at the Louvre January 2014

The skill of the ancients is reflected in the enduring objects which they created. Would these items have survived if not retrieved and protected? The fact that they do survive means museums are now the custodians of our world history. We should support that.


PARIS - Windows on France January 2014

Windows need a view. A balcony is nice, too. Musee Carnavalet, Versailles, Paris streets and Notre Dame.


Crowd Scenes in France March 2014

Versailles, The Louvre, and a street parade down the Champ Elysees.


PARIS OutTakes - The City February 2014
OutTakes is an opportunity to see places that a Flâneur, the ever present stroller, would find interesting in Paris. 


Paris - A Flâneur's View and Art Mini-Tour April 2014

What? The Carnavalet Museum, Arc de Triomphe, and the Eiffel Tower signing wall.


PARIS - Eiffel Tower Illusion May 2014

The Eiffel Tower stands across from the Trocadero, two worthy guardians of the intersection. 


French Historical Interiors - Art Moulding at Versailles  June 2014

To have beauty in art and design where one cannot fully see it is a pity. The purpose was to impress in a setting of luxury This post shows the beautiful ceilings at Versailles.

PARIS - The Man Who Walked through Walls 
June 2014
The Man Who Walked through Walls or The Walker-through-Walls, (various translations) is a short story published by Marcel Aymé in 1943.

Caught in an element he heretofore could pass through, Dutilleul, is forever left to ponder his mistake. It all started when. . .

PARIS - Aerial Street Views and the Étoile September 2014
Views from the top of the Arc de Triomphe of the streets which radiate outward.


PARIS - Outtakes and Museum Art September 2014
So much to see, so little time. . .


PARIS - Unique Galleries at the Louvre September 2014
In a building that started life as a palace, much of the grandeur remains, making it a perfect place to showcase art.


The Louvre - Sculpture Confirms An Era October 2014

Sculpture and massive stone monuments confirm man has existed for centuries, even perhaps many thousands of years.


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