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Deja Vu - Who are you?- WEP October

Paths cross for reasons unknown. Is it Fate or Happenstance that brings together those whose destinies are intertwined? Are there 'threads of possibilities' that become realities depending on the degree of need of the parties involved? 

Hubble Space Telescope - Magellanic Cloud *


For previous episodes, see the links under referencesIn this segment, the couple and the young boy found in the inspection of the lower levels are brought to Odiwa for debriefing. 


Noot couldn't get the images of his son, as a child, out of his head. That memory was buried deep in his brain. The hurt and the sense of loss of wife and child came rushing back. He pushed the hurtful emotions into the depths of his memory. No time for that now. Later.

Noot and Mondero escorted the young couple to the upper levels,where Mondero suggested that Noot watch the young child while the parents talked to Odiwa. Noot had changed since meeting the young boy, he was acting as if he had experienced déjà vu.

Noot took Moby's hand as they walked into the waiting room. Dev and Jio followed Mondero with some trepidation at meeting Odiwa. During the interview, Dev told Odiwa about being kidnapped as a young child. He couldn't remember his parents faces, but he remembered his mother's name, Nita. Odiwa felt like he was missing a connection of some sort while he listened.

"Where were you and your family captured by these Lower Level people?"

"On the planet, Magellan, near the Sirius galaxy. As a child, the kidnapper Joss told me my father had killed my mother in a fit of rage. After I turned 20 galactic years, I escaped from the man who kidnapped me. I didn't believe what he told me. He left me alone until he decided to leave for the outer reaches. MagPol, was looking for him and his gang. They found me and my family and took us with them. Joss died on the trip to the Outer Reaches, so then rest of his team decided to make us their slaves and threatened to kill the boy if we didn't agree."

"That's some story, Dev, but you are a survivor and you did well to escape. How did you manage that?"

"Through wit, luck and careful planning. Jio and I were not taking chances that Joss' men might harm Moby. It's a long story, but we were trying to decide our next move when your men happened upon us. Our food supplies were minimal as we were on the run. The little one has been confused and scared but tries not to show it. I think that's why he wanted your man Noot to be his grandfather."

"Interesting. What skills do you have, maybe we can fit you in here if you can help with the work. We all support each other somewhat, and I'm the so-called Captain of this defunct space station. It's our home, though, and we don't want trouble from the lower levels."

"I'll tell you what I know about the lower levels, and what we've seen. We will do our part if you let us stay. I'm not scared of work. I will do what you ask, but my skills are the practical ones. I can build things, and I know about growing food. Jio was a field nurse.when she came to live with me."

"We'll talk again in a few hours. Here's the keys to the room where you can stay temporarily, until we register your family. You can get food at the MessHall on the northwest side of this level. Mondero can take you there. Let me know if anyone gives you any trouble. Will you ask Noot to come in?"


Noot and Moby, are talking in the waiting room outside Odiwa's office. 

"What is this place, Noot?"

"I call it home. It's what used to be a space station. A busy place with spaceships coming and going."

"Am I going to stay here now?"

"That's up to the boss, Odiwa and your parents."

"I hope we do. Can you be my grandfather, then?"

"I suppose I could pretend to be, if your parents approve. Have you ever met your grandfather before?"

"No, my father said he was dead before I was born. He doesn't like to talk about it when I ask."

"Maybe there is a reason."

"I don't know. Nobody tells a kid anything important."

"Well, we can talk whenever you want. I'll try to answer some of your questions."

"Thanks, Noot, you can be my friend first, and grandfather second."

"Sounds like a plan. If your parents approve."

Noot and Moby look up as they see Moby's parents coming out of Captain Odiwa's office. They tell Noot that Odiwa wants to see him. 

"We are going to get some food and rest, Noot, thanks for watching Moby."

"Anytime, I don't mind at all. Reminds me what it's like to be young."


Odiwa told Noot about his idea that Dev could be Noot's son, but Noot is wary of believing that. Will his son talk to him about the time he was kidnapped? It will awaken old wounds in both men. For the first time since Odiwa met Noot, he saw a changed man, a man with hope in his heart and sadness in his eyes. 

As he walked away, a thought unbidden rose to the surface in Odiwa's brain, he must remember the threat still existing in the Lower Levels.

To be continued . . .

WC=924 approximate (story only)

Do you believe in Déjà Vu or have you experienced it? Do you think families will adapt to the rigors of space life, away from the planetary norms?

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