WEP = Write...Edit...Publish

Would you like to challenge yourself? Write...Edit...Publish! provides the prompts for a signup now on alternate months.  The creative participants provide the interesting reading.

Write…Edit…Publish! welcomes you to submit any of the following – flash fiction, poetry, non-fiction or playscripts to a word count of 1,000 words – artwork and photographs accompanied by your written inspiration in creating your work/s.

For complete details, check at Denise Covey's WEP Website

Denise Covey and Yolanda Renee are your hosts at this challenge, currently running every other month. WEP, the creative challenge, was brought back from its absence by these two blogger/writers.


Listed in descending order from newest to oldest, here are snippets of my entries. Click to the full post if you want to read more.





Happy Year's End - Spacer Celebration!! Morgan's Early Life on Tamut

STAR DATE: 13001, 13th month Galactic Calendar

It's Spacer Celebration time! That's the way most Tamutians celebrate the end of the year - what the ancient ones called Christmas and the New Year. Now it's one year end holiday.

There's no jolly fat old man that distributes toys, candy and other frivolous stuff. Most kids don't even know the old stories like I do. 



Youthful Frights vs Adult Fears - WEP Halloween Challenge

Alone with the Unknown - 3 settings

Don't listen, don't look, don't turn around. . .

A child sleepwalks, unbeknownst to the rest of the family. Out the door, and into a nearby cemetery, stepping gingerly, not feeling the cold night air. 

I woke up sweating, looking about me and trying to determine where I was. In the dark, my sleepy eyes could still make out some things by the light of the moon shining outside, its light beaming in the window. I tried to calm myself, this was familiar, not like the dream from which I had woken.

The doorbell rang, and I nearly fell off the couch. I had fallen asleep again, Was that really a bell I heard or did I dream that too? 



Spectacular Settings - WEP - A Slice of Montmartre, Paris

The performer focuses on retaining his balance and stride as he climbs up the hill towards the tour group. His black and white ensemble is de rigeur for his occupation.

These new stilts are slowing me down a bit. . .but no matter, that must be the tour group ahead. What a disjointed collection of travellers. . .but I will charm them. I would much rather entertain that child and its mother, the little ones always love me, but the tour group will pay better. I have to eat too. 


WEP - Haunted Memories, A Ghost Story

I didn't hear that noise. It's my imagination. . .

A moonless night with a storm approaching, and I'm all alone in this house.  I checked all the doors and windows on the lower level when I arrived, except one, but that one is hardly ever opened and always locked.


WEP - Changing Faces - What Now? Part 3 of The Louvre Letter (see April 2014)

I wake up, look in the bathroom mirror, and a different face looks back at me.

I've been transformed, given a new lease on life, but the inside me is still the same. The voice is slightly smoky now, an effect achieved by fraying the vocal cords minutely. . .all part of the Changing Faces deluxe identity package.

Taking Chances, WEP - In a Little Café  Part 2 of A Stairway in Paris

Harsh reality intervenes just when Madeleine and Gaston are beginning to know one another. Another sidewalk café, Le Voltaire, softens the mood as her daydreams fall into pieces.



WEP - A Picture Worth 1000 words: Infinity and Nuit Blanche

An image or a picture can trigger memories, beliefs and imagination. Here are my offerings of INFINITY (Ft. Jefferson in the USA) and Nuit Blanche in Paris, France. Images taken on location.



A Stairway in Paris - Romance a la WEP Part 1

Anything can happen in Paris. Approach it with love, adapt to its rhythms. . .as Madeleine must do when she meets a man in an unlikely place in her new apartment building on the rue de Rivoli.



WEP - Failure Or is it? A Crossroads Part 2 of Dak's story

Dak, a young colonist on an asteroid, is faced with a crossroads decision.



Louvre Antiquities Letter: The April Fool Part 2, The Louvre Letter

A new identity, and a new start for a woman with a hidden past. From the moment she retrieved the letter in the statue at the Louvre, there was no going back.



WEP - My Eyes Don't Lie, Do They?  Part 1 of Dak's Story, SRS-1 Colony.

Remember what your childhood was like? Here's a futuristic version of one young boy's life.



What's in a Face? She Wore Red

Suspense in the Noir manner.

As he arrived at the café, he saw a woman look up at the door. He couldn't take his eyes off her face.The red scarf was draped around her neck, as she had told him it would be.



WEP: Fall In, Take Me Away, and Lookout Rock

Three women, three cities, three stories. The river, the Louvre letter, and the waiting. (These are three beginnings to use for short fiction).


Last updated September 5, 2015