Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Writing Resolutions

Monet's Garden, Giverny, France (photo by D.G. Hudson)

Establish a daily writing time

--Include writing for a novel, short stories, editing, or outlining. Give it priority in the day.

Define a writing goal & specify time frame for completion

--Choose a goal by word count, number of pages, or number of chapters to be done

Establish a suitable writing area

--Locate your writing spot (your home, or an off-premise location--coffee shop, library, the park). No browsing on the web allowed during writing time.

Organize writing area and storage

--Choose your filing method - digital, or hardcopy. Keep a backup, and keep it current.

--Keep tools close at hand. Coffee can quality as a writing tool.

‘Chunk’ the big goals into smaller pieces.

--Focus on one part of the process at a time: characters, scenes, narrative, story structure, world building

Carry portable writing materials or recording device

-- Record ideas when they occur (while running errands, waiting for appointments, at the airport). Not recommended while driving.

Use a calendar to record progress

--Record your writing progress- online or manually.

--Free calendar in monthly format offered as download by Elizabeth at Reading Writers (see below** for link and site details).

Keep blog updated / use timely topics

--Determine frequency of posts and maintenance of content. Track on writing calendar.

Stay informed about the industry

-- Select a few writing blogs, or websites with quality content. Writer`s Digest 101 Best Websites for writers is a great place to start. Keep the number manageable.

Research and refine list of literary agents or publications

--Use online databases or other resources to compile a list of prospective contacts


2011 Reading Writers Calendar.

**Compliments of:  R e a d i n g W r i t e r s
The ultimate reading service for writers, by writers.