Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Writing Resolutions

Monet's Garden, Giverny, France (photo by D.G. Hudson)

Establish a daily writing time

--Include writing for a novel, short stories, editing, or outlining. Give it priority in the day.

Define a writing goal & specify time frame for completion

--Choose a goal by word count, number of pages, or number of chapters to be done

Establish a suitable writing area

--Locate your writing spot (your home, or an off-premise location--coffee shop, library, the park). No browsing on the web allowed during writing time.

Organize writing area and storage

--Choose your filing method - digital, or hardcopy. Keep a backup, and keep it current.

--Keep tools close at hand. Coffee can quality as a writing tool.

‘Chunk’ the big goals into smaller pieces.

--Focus on one part of the process at a time: characters, scenes, narrative, story structure, world building

Carry portable writing materials or recording device

-- Record ideas when they occur (while running errands, waiting for appointments, at the airport). Not recommended while driving.

Use a calendar to record progress

--Record your writing progress- online or manually.

--Free calendar in monthly format offered as download by Elizabeth at Reading Writers (see below** for link and site details).

Keep blog updated / use timely topics

--Determine frequency of posts and maintenance of content. Track on writing calendar.

Stay informed about the industry

-- Select a few writing blogs, or websites with quality content. Writer`s Digest 101 Best Websites for writers is a great place to start. Keep the number manageable.

Research and refine list of literary agents or publications

--Use online databases or other resources to compile a list of prospective contacts


2011 Reading Writers Calendar.

**Compliments of:  R e a d i n g W r i t e r s
The ultimate reading service for writers, by writers.


  1. Great piece! I have taken notes from it in the attempt to set my own resolutions. I am a supporter of writing and reading list style articles. I especially love the little touches of humor here: coffee, driving, you know what I mean.

  2. Glad you liked the list, J. Posting my writing resolutions seems to make them more immediate for me. At the very least, I'll attempt to discipline myself.

    If you try tracking your efforts on the hardcopy calendar I linked to above at Reading Writers, you'd be able to see at-a-glance how much time you've invested in writing.

    Best of luck in 2011!


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