People Posts

With names from various walks of life, during different eras, these posts will introduce you to personalities who have impacted our history in one way or another.

Alphabetically listed by last name or a single name:

Apollinaire, Guillaume - Russian / French, Artist, Poet, Art Critic

Bazille, Frédéric  - French artist, Impressionist

Braque, Georges - French Artist (peer of Picasso)

Carr, Emily - Canadian artist, West Coast; 1st reference
2nd reference: 2014 AtoZ, ART: Artists, Art Trivia, Art Legends

Cezanne, Paul - French Post-Impressionist

Dalida - Singer (International)

Dalida, Sculpture of Singer in Paris, by DG Hudson

Delacroix, Eugene - French Romantics artist

d'Arc, Jean (Joan of Arc) - French heroine

de Beauvoir, Simone  1) a fine romance    2) role models  - French writer, peer of Sartre

Duncan, Isadora - American Dancer, Modern dance

Gauguin, Paul - French artist, Post-Impressionist

Greco, Juliette  - French actress, the literati of 50s France

Horne, Lena - American singer, some acting

Ingres  - French, Classicist painter

Jongkind, Johan  - Dutch painter

Kerouac, Jack - American writer

A Mime, Street Performer, Paris by DG Hudson

King Louis of France (16th) - of revolutionary fame

King Louis of France (14th) the Sun King - the Versailles Court

Louis XIV, the Sun King, by DG Hudson 

Klee, Paul - German/Swiss artist

Lichenstein, Roy - American POP Art

Magritte, René  - Belgian Artist

Matisse, Henri - French Fauvist, friend / rival of Picasso

Monet, Claude - French Artist, Impressionism

Montand, Yves - Actor, Pepi le Pew voice

Oppenheim, Méret - German born Swiss, Surrealist

Picasso, Pablo - Spanish Artist - 1st reference;
2nd reference - 2014 AtoZ Challenge

Pissarro, Camille - Father Figure of Impressionism

Rembrandt - Dutch Artist, 1600s

Renoir, Pierre-Auguste - French Artist, Impressionism

Sargent, John Singer  - American Artist, living in France

Sartre, Jean-Paul - French Writer, Existentialist

Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri - French painter, Moulin Rouge artist,

Utrillo, Maurice - French painter

Van Gogh, Vincent - Dutch painter, Post Impressionist

Warhol, Andy - American, POP artist

Wilde, Oscar - Irish Writer

Xavery, Jan Baptist - Flemish Sculptor

Sculpture by Ossip Zadkine, Paris by DG Hudson

Zadkine, Ossip - Russian Artist, Sculptor

Zadkine, Valentine Prax - French painter, married Ossip Zadkine.


June 2014 - Last Update. Added artists from 2014 'AtoZ' ART theme.