Monday, January 4, 2010

Ten for 2010

Writing Resolutions:

Establish a writing time, and keep to that schedule as much as possible.

Decide on a word count, number of pages, or chapters that will be the writing project for that day.

Work in a dedicated writing area in your home if possible, or an off-premise location (coffee shop, library, at the park, etc.) Try to eliminate or minimize distractions, or use the time for observation (a good way to obtain material for characterization).

Organize writing area and files of Works in Progress.

Set goals for the projects you want to pursue. Short term goals (e.g., writing two chapters) are a way of ‘chunking’ a larger goal (completing the novel in progress). This makes the task less imposing.

Always take portable writing materials with you for recording ideas when you’re running errands or waiting for appointments.

Use a calendar to record your progress, your submissions, and deadlines (when applicable). Use the submissions trackers available online or do this manually.

Keep blog updated on a regular basis as a form of discipline. Frequency is discretionary. Keep it professional in tone, if the purpose is to further your writing career.

Select a few favourite blogs, or websites that offer value for the time invested, and be very selective in forums, and other discussion areas.

Research literary agents or publications well before submitting work, and only send when the work is ready.


  1. HI DG !!

    Noticed you were a fellow Vancouverite from the thread over on Nathans blog...Im out in Hope, BC ....thought I would come over and check out your blog... :D

    You and I have some similar goals for 2010...I really like the the idea of keeping a calendar of your progress...that is an excellent idea...Ill have to see if I can somehow add this to my blog, making it public keeps us accountable...perhaps with an update post everyday, or a summary at the end of each week...who knows...

    Im trying to carve out some time everyday for writing too, which is hard. Im a grade A procrastinator...alas.

    Take Care !

  2. Welcome to my blog, T.R. There seems to be a lot of Vancouverites, and many Canadians who follow Nathan. His blog is a great source of information. Check out his forums as well -- lots of opportunity there to get ideas. Let's hope Canada does well in the Olympics!!


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