Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Blog Hop!

Starting Friday, and continuing over the Halloween weekend October 28-31, Jeremy Bates is hosting a Halloween Blog Hop. All the details are at his site (or you can use the Linky list at the bottom of this post):

Join in the fun and discover a few new blogs.  You've got four days to browse the list and see who's who. . . in between the fireworks and pumpkins and little ghosts and fairies.

Participants are requested to:

Visit as many of the other blogs as you can in the Linky List below

Follow the site or comment when a blog appeals to you

Tell us your favorite monster movie or book

Share what your Halloween costume will be

My answer to Jeremy's blog hop requirements:
  • Fave monster/Book: God Emperor of DUNE - the part human, mostly sandworm creature of Frank Herbert's DUNE series who tries to 'become' the Worm.
  • The Lady in Black costume (this covers many variations:  the deadly black widow, the dark witch, the French Existentialist, the retro Beatnik, the vampy Goth, you get the idea. . .)

Have a look around at either of my blogs (they're on the list), and follow if it appeals to you.  Hope you have a great weekend!