Friday, December 2, 2011

Rainforest Pickings #7 - 11 Writing Sites for 2011

Four Guys named Santa. . .

Here’s my pick of the writer sites that I’ve found helpful, and those that keep me coming back. Lists can save time, and most writers can use more time. In 2011, many bloggers assessed their blogging schedules and social media management. The result appears to be a move away from daily blogging, a change that makes it easier for readers to keep up with reading and writers to do more writing.

The following blogs offer a diverse selection of newsletters and email notification, forums, humour, blog events, and discussions of the ongoing changes in publishing. Read on and when you have time, browse the links. You might discover something new.

Alex J. Cavanaugh, author, movie reviewer, Science Fiction

Guide to Literary Agents

Hope Clark, author, & FFW

Jane Friedman, Media Professor, & Speaker

Konrath, J. A., Author & Self-pub Advocate

Nathan Bransford, author, MG

Rachelle Gardner, literary agent

The Alchemy of Writing Blog - flash fiction, humour, book reviews

The Quintessentially Questionable Query Experiment - query analysis, creature analysis & blog events

Writers Beware Blog (watchdog for writers/supported by SFWA)

Writer’s Digest

Do you have a particular site you find helpful for writing? Please share in the comments.

Enjoy the Season!  Both of these photos showcase a friend's talent for making felt Santas and paper Angels.  I just took the photos.


  1. @Alex - Yes, you've hosted blog events, you review movies, and you support other bloggers. I find that helpful.

  2. I enjoy Hope Clark's FFW email newsletter and, of course, this blog! I will find this list helpful to refer to, but, alas, I have trouble finding time to read a lot of blogs with great regularity.

  3. @J. - just keep the list at hand, and check them out when you've got time. Save them for that few days between Christmas and New Year's, or for the dull days of January.

  4. Love all your choices. I have to add Janice Hardy at She is a great teacher and answers every sort of question a writer might have. I never miss one of her posts :)

  5. @Laura - thanks for suggesting another site to check out; the more we visit, the easier it becomes to determine which writing sites appeal to us. It's one of those subjective choices.

    BTW - That was a great interview with Matt@ your blog.

  6. I've been gushing over at Janice Hardy's blog tonight too... she rocks.

  7. @catyork - I've checked out Janice Hardy's blog as well, and I like what I see. I plan to go back and look at some of her previous posts. Thanks to you and Laura B., I now know about another great writing blog.

    Thanks for following, catyork.

  8. @Alexia - Thanks for following, hope you like it here.

  9. I'm helpful? Wow! Thanks very much. And good luck in my giveaway.

  10. @Alex - I'll keep hoping. Merry Christmas!


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