Thursday, February 16, 2012

I've Been Tagged - 11 Questions

I've been tagged by:

Misha Gericke

I'll answer Misha's questions, then I'll offer my own and I'll follow Misha's lead by selecting some of followers from my blog.  Great idea Misha!  (a getting to know you tag)


I answer 11 questions and make up 11 of my own.  I tag and link to 11 other bloggers.  You who are tagged are asked to do the same on your blog. 

My Answers to Misha:

1. Do you believe in fate?  
Yes, Fate brought me to Canada.

2. How the heck do you write and have a life?
I write whenever I can, in the morning (preferred) or on the road when I'm a passenger.  It keeps me from telling someone how to drive.

3. If you were in a written story, which character trope would you most likely have followed?
The fallen angel.  (I'd follow Wilde's advice about resisting everything except temptation. . . )

4. Sweet or Savory?
How about a bit of both?

5. What's your big dream?
See the Earth from space or from the Moon.

6. Fondest memory?
First meeting the man I'm married to now.  Felt like I had known him before or had been waiting for him.

7. What's your biggest wish? (world peace does not count)
Can I be greedy and have two?  I'd wish for my oldest daughter's health to improve from a chronic condition she has, and to be published, of course.

8. Would you rather have an exciting life and be alone or find the great love of your life and live a relatively normal one?
I did find the love of my life and I'm married to him.

9. Have you ever done something, only to realize a half a second later that you made a mistake?
You mean like closing the door to your car and seeing the keys still in the ignition. . .?

10. Did you try to go back and fix it, or did you follow through?
For the locked in keys, I called a car service, for big faux pas, it would depend on the mistake.

11. Do you edit while writing or after the draft is done?

I find it hard not to edit while writing, but even Dean Koontz admits editing as he goes.  I think it's the perfectionist tendencies some of us have.


1 - Spunk on a Stick (L. Diane Wolfe)

2 - The Writing Nut (Nutschell)

3 - Seeing Creative (Stina)

4 - Veronica and Thomas - Taking the Artistic World. . .

5 - Sherry E  - The Mama Diaries

6 - J. T. Lewis - Did I Stutter?

7 - The Ramblings of a Peacock  - Michelle

8 - Susan Says  - Susan

9 - Alexia Purdy Blog - Alexia

10 - Claudia Del Balso, Writer - Claudia

11 - Jen's Bookshelf - Jen


My 11 Questions For Those Tagged Are:
(updated Feb.17/12)

1 - How long have you blogged?

2 - Do you have a pet?

3 - Do you like film noir?

4 - Do you pick male or female protagonists the most when you write?

5 - Which female actor in LOTR would you want to be if offered a part in the movie?

6 - Which male actor in LOTR would you want to be if offered a part in the movie? (this is assuming Makeup and Costume can do miracles. . .)

7 - Where do you write? (which room, or place is most comfortable)
8 - What beverage is beside you while you're writing?
9 - Do you listen to Music while writing?
10 - What is your favorite city?
11 - Is there a phone in your writing place?
(In my study where I write, I have a landline.  Do you have any communication device that can disturb you nearby?)

That's it, I tried to make the questions short and sweet and the answers can be too.

Please pass the tag along.  Misha (at My First Book) sent me the details.  Hope you can participate.

Thanks Misha, for the opportunity to highlight a few followers' blogs.

Any comments?  Hope you'll get a chance to check some of the blogs above.


  1. Yeah, us perfectionists can't just spew words on the pages! And that's the most unique dream I've seen so far.

    1. I've been told I have those picky tendencies. As for that space dream - I wonder how cameras work out in space?

  2. Thanks for the tag. Now I know what I'll have on one of my blogs next week.
    It's cool learning some more about you.

    1. That sounds great, Susan. I appreciate the response.

  3. Thanks for the tag. I'll see what I can do, and post some answers in one of my blogs next week.

    1. Sounds fine to me. I appreciate the response, Sherry.

  4. This is a neat concept, with rotating questions. It's nice to get to know you a little better.

    Here's a cool video of earthrise over the moon I think you'll enjoy"

    1. Hi Rick, It's like playing tag as kids, but there's more work involved.

      Very cool link to the earthrise video. Thanks. Armchair space travel for now will have to do.

  5. Thanks for the tag, DG!

    Yay for the LOTR questions, and your dream is awesome!

    1. Hi Jen, glad the LOTR questions appealed to you. I'll be interested in reading your post too. (BTW I'd want to be Galadriel in LOTR.)

      Thanks for participating, Misha (of My First Book) sent this to me and surprised me yesterday.

  6. Hahahahahaha I loved your answers. Yeah. Few things are as bad to realize as the keys in the car. Usually I realize my mistake the moment the door is closed. Before I even see the keys. :-D

    1. It's one of those 'did I just do that?' moments. Now I try to keep keys in hand before shutting door. (I think it's the multi-tasking we all try to do. . . )

      Glad you liked the answers, Misha!

  7. Thanks for the shout-out! :D
    I like your answers to Misha's questions but I also like the questions you came up with. So this is the deal: since I only post once a week, I'll come up with my 11 questions for Wednesday (posting day). I'll also highlight 11 fellow bloggers ;)

    1. Sounds great to me, Claudia. Thanks for fitting it into your schedule.

      Glad you liked the questions! I look forward to reading your post.

  8. I write as a road trip passenger too. Only, it's usually to keep me awake because I have to poke my hubby once in a while to make sure he stays awake while driving. We have a tendency to night drive for the long hauls.

    1. Watch out for those long straight roads on the night hauls, J.

      Are you editing on a laptop or a device? I'm usually editing on paper in the car.

  9. Misha had a great idea. I love a meet and greet. There is no way I can write and be driven...way to much of a control freak for that. I prefer to drive and day dream...for future writing. It is where all the great ideas come from.

    Found you tonight from the A to Z, and am looking forward to getting to know you.

    1. Welcome Valerie and thanks for following. Nice to know you came over from the A-Z. I better go check it out today to see how it's grown.

      Nice to meet you.

  10. Oh wow, thanks! I will post my answers next Friday.

    1. You're welcome. Thanks for participating and fitting the 11 Questions Tag post into your schedule.

      I'll drop by then, to see the answers. I also want to read a couple of your posts that I saw.

  11. So glad you visited my blog and left a comment so I could follow you here :) I love the space background on your blog!


    1. Thanks KarenG, nice to meet you and I appreciate the follow. Drop by anytime.

      Things like the April A-Z challenge can energize us. Or exhaust us. I'll be ready, I read someone's tips on finger exercises.

  12. Perfectionist here, too, but it looks like our similarities go deeper than that. Looking forward to getting to know you more during this challenge. I got tagged yesterday by another A-Z blogger and will be doing my 11 tonight. Fun to see how fast these memes spread!
    Thank you for checking out my place and following! I'm your new follower, too. (Just FYI, I'm not one of those follow me-I'll follow you folks. I've always chosen my own friends, thankyouverymuch). Love the look of your blog, and am nuts about sci-fi. My first novel (WIP) is a space opera. It's still a tiny embryo, even though it was conceived 2/1/11, it's still only 2800 words...
    Tina @ Life is Good

    Co-Host of the April 2012 Blogging from A to Z Challenge


    1. Thanks Tina, for the follow and the comment. I like meeting other writers, especially those in the same genre.

      Take good care of your work in progress. Spend some quality time with that MS.

      A lot of the TAG blogs will be up this week, so it should make for entertaining reading.

  13. It would be amazing to see Earth from space.

    Enjoyed reading your answers!

    1. Yes, it would. It would be fantastic to even be out in space (hopefully with a spacecraft around me).

      Thanks for dropping by, Golden Eagle.

  14. Your dream to see the earth from space is very cool. :D

    Usually Diet Dr Pepper is next to me while I write, but right now it's Neo Critran. I just love the taste of the stuff when I have a cold. :D

    1. Hi, Stina, thanks for stopping by.

      Hope you feel better soon. I take an oil of oregano capsule when I feel a cold start. It's supposed to boost the immune system.

  15. Good point about writing in a car to keep from being a backseat driver! :)

    I too would love to see the Earth from space. Sigh....I'm sure it will be possible commercially soon, but affordable???

    1. Perhaps if they would employ some of AC Clarke's suggestions, it might be sooner rather than later.

      Thanks for stopping by, Margo!


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