Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Book Review: Roland Yoemans and New Orleans

The Legend of Victor Standish

Author Roland Yoemans

After Katrina, certain areas of New Orleans were off-limits, but not to everyone and especially not the young Victor Standish.  Dropped off in a new city compliments of his mother, he meets Alice, a young woman from the past.  She's different and Victor likes that.  They help each other.

Then, he experiences Meilori's, a jazz club from the past that reappears for a time in the dark hours of the evening.  Once in Meilori's, different rules apply.  Everyone in this club seems to be waiting for something.  Customers are told to stuff towels under their door, shut their windows and beware mist.  A few literary characters show up to lend a hand or take advantage of the situation.  The Legend of Victor Standish is a good introduction to the core characters who appear in other books by Roland.

Roland shows us the dark side of a storm-damaged New Orleans, and reveals little bits of good will even as a storm brews on the horizon.  Check out Roland's Blog for tips on writing and to view the art work used in his books.

The next book I read out of order. . .

The End of Days

Author Roland Yoemans

It's back to school time again. But, St. Marrock's isn't an ordinary school, it's run by the dark Sidhe.  There are no guarantees that students will learn anything or even survive.  Students watch their instructors as well as their fellows and make no mistakes.  Predators roam the halls.  This is a 'gathering of the clans', the good and the bad.

People have been disappearing from St. Marrock's School, but who's responsible?  That's what McCord and his cohorts want to know.  Alice, Becca and Trish pose as students, others from Meilori's act as protectors.  Victor lends his ethereal support.  It is a time for new legends.

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Roland's books Rival and Burnt Offerings, acquired after the first two, will be reviewed in a future post.  Roland's Blog