Thursday, September 27, 2012

Book Review: The Rival by Roland Yoemans

The legend of the dashing Victor Standish continues.

In a new chapter of Victor's story, we see our hero and Alice being tossed back in time to the 1830s.  Victor must use his knowledge from the future to 'step through the moments' and generally test the limits of his enemies and his friends.

The Rival cover, Roland Yoemans prop.

Sitting at the tomb of Marie Laveau in New Orleans, Victor discovers some of his hidden abilities, and his lack of knowledge about his mother's background.  This is also where and when he meets the Victorian ghoul, Alice Wentworth.  Alice belongs to the undead who haunt New Orleans. They share memories inadvertently as they sit on the tomb in the cemetery.   A bonding occurs when Victor promises to provide lunch to the hungry Alice, rather than be lunch. 

In the past, with his future knowledge, Alice and Victor meet a young Sam McCord and the lovely masked Meilori.  Most of the action takes place in the CASA, a transformed place out of time.  Hold onto your seats.  There's a bit of time travel. 

Before the end of this book, a bird is put into a cage, a war threatens, and Victor must prove his worth many times.  There's a bittersweet feel to certain parts, as if doom is omnipresent. Victor, as usual, leaves us hanging by a thread. . .


The journey of Victor Standish continues in Three Spirit Knight. More information on ordering and art work can be found at Roland's website/blog.

Art work in The Rival is by Leonora Roy.  It's a very sumptuous style and appeals to me as a believable detailed translation of Roland's characters.  The illustrations in many of Roland's other works are also by Roy.

Have you read any of the Victor Standish books by Roland?  Have you read RIVAL? If not, Have you been to New Orleans?  Any favourite dishes or venues?
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