Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Orleans Dark Fantasy - Roland Yoemans

Lurking shadows hide in the old markets, undead spirits roam in a New Orleans from another time.  Samhain is coming.

GHOST of a Chance

Ghost of a Chance by R. Yoemans

Roland, author turned character, has been dragged into a story he created.  He wakes from a disturbed sleep.  What woke him?  A soft voice with a melodious accent.  Hemingway is lying dead on the floor beside him, and Marlene Deitrich is warning him to escape.  Roland has no choice but to dive into the swirling mist of the mirror, and into another plane of existence.

Trekking through France during the time of Richelieu, then through the seedier alleys of London during the Jack-the-Ripper murders, he must continue through the testing to find his friend, Sam McCord and recover his own time.  Roland, as the Lakota, travels with his characters in a quest through his own fantasy universe. 

A few distinguished guest bloggers appear at Roland's apartment to keep up with his blog while the action is playing out in the ghost world of Meilori's.  Raymond Chandler has my vote for several reasons. Gypsy impressed me too.  I've always been fond of felines.

A Halloween story like this one can skew our perception of reality.  It's a sobering thought to think of alternate universes that overlap.  Our day world or our night dreams?  I'll have to think about that, or sleep on it.  Keep a light on, so you can find your way back.


BURNT Offerings

If you breathe deeply, you might smell the cinders in these stories. . .

Burnt Offerings by R. Yoemans

The first story is presented in a manner that reminds me of a tragedy, mainly because of the storyline.  A daughter's promise of inheritance is not kept, but used as a lure to draw the victim into the spider's web.  A dream for affection or at least acknowledgement dies at the palace of The Face, her mother.  Loy, a young child always suppressed by others, must decide their fate.


An ominous darkness threads its way through the second tale of Samuel McCord in the dark New Orleans of the past. Sam doesn't know how to quit. Protecting others against evil is his duty, and always will be.  Duty distracts him from his losses, and provides a cover for him to replenish his food supplies. 

Even the spirits are wary of the legend, Samuel McCord.  There's talk in the streets.  When cornered on a beach by Bond type scuba divers and a swaggering tough, he manages to be the one to walk away with a plane ticket to Amsterdam.  There, Sam runs into Eve, a girl from his past.  A Texas Ranger just does what needs doing.  He verified a hunch about energy. The Internet will never be the same.


During Samhain, at summer's end, McCord once again sees his love and his estranged wife, Meilori.  He also meets the padre or Rabbi, whom Sam escorts to the Shrine of Death.  A few questionable characters and a few friends make cameo appearances in what serves as a nexus point, where many evil spirits are gathering.  This story reveals more of the history of Samuel McCord and his relationship with the beautiful Meilori.  A bittersweet tale.


Roland recently sold two stories which will appear in two separate anthologies. Details are available on his site via a Mark Twain post.  Roland's books include the art work of Leonora Roy.  These books are suitable for Halloween readers above MG level.


After midnight on Halloween, would you walk alone, or with a friend through the dark streets of a haunted New Orleans?  OR Have you read any books by Roland? Please share in the comments.  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a fun Halloween!


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