Monday, December 10, 2012

Cheers! Cavanaugh Blogfest - Dec 10 - 12


Welcome to an alternate universe of Alex J. Cavanaugh, where anything is possible. . .

Flash fiction:  Trouble at the Black Hole Cafe

Alex J. Cavanaugh, the Ninja starship pilot, hung his Gibson guitar in the locker of the silver Cosbolt, before strapping himself in the First Pilot position. After the IWSG meeting, he borrowed the flyer to teleport to The Black Hole Café. I’ll be on time, no problem. Byron trained me to do this jump.

At The Black Hole, a little-known literary café in the Carolinas, characters and authors rendez-vous in an Overlap Gap, but their time is limited. Athee said she would be there, she wanted to talk to Alex about Byron. It’s going to be strange meeting her, she looks like my wife.
To be cont. . .


Alex called this, "The Day the Ninja Died blogfest", but I think not. He'll enjoy the various ways we imagine Alex J. Cavanaugh, and learn how much we appreciate his support. Cheers!

FOUR Hosts:

These are the minds that came up with the toast/roast for Capt'n Alex: Mark “The Madman” Koopman, ”Marvelous” Morgan Shamy, Stephen “Breakthrough” Tremp, David “Kingpin” Powers King. The originators of this blogfest want to know how many variations we can offer for the following questions. Don't miss the BONUS points for a comment to Mrs. Cavanaugh.

Questions: (I did this part interview style)

1) What does Alex look like?

DG: Alex looks like Byron in Cassastar. A 40-something male humanoid, with dark hair, clean shaven. He may wear glasses.

2) Who could play Alex in a documentary? (Living or dead.)

DG: Tom Cruise, or maybe Kevin Bacon. Depends on hair colour.

3) Who does Alex remind you of?

DG: Data. (Next Generation?). Hence, the ability to reach massive numbers of bloggers and comment on their posts, a feat few accomplish.


To: Mrs. Cavanaugh

We’ve heard hints about you, the woman behind the man, an enigma like Alex. Now, after reading book 2, I wonder if Athee’s attributes reflect those of a beloved wife. BTW, we're glad you're understanding.


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How long have you known Alex? If he's new to you, be sure to check out the Captain's blog.
Please leave a comment here to mention the blogfest, so I can visit back. Thanks for stopping by.


Alex's post re the blogfest (aka, the Day the Ninja Died)

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