Monday, July 1, 2013

PARIS - The 'Little Details'

A Carousel in the City

When traveling in your home country or abroad, notice the little things, the fine touches, the attention to craft. Little details enhance an object and help us retain that memory, but only if we notice it. Craft excellence can be seen in objects as well as in writing. Learn to observe the world around you.

A Les Halles Carousel Closeup, Paris, by DG Hudson

Carousels and merry-go-rounds are good examples of decorative details that embellish the whole object. Some carousels in France have two levels, others are smaller with one level. Both styles are lush with embellishments. Bright colors, lots of lights and music are part of the packaging. We saw two, one near Les Halles, and one at the bottom end of the Trocadero Fountains.


Paris Cobblestones (Street detail)

When older buildings, like the Bastille, were dismantled, the bricks were recovered and used for paving the streets. The bricks shown in the photo below are laid with an overlapping curved pattern. Cobblestones differ in size. Those bricks shown below are smaller than the square cobblestones in Pere Lachaise Cemetery. We walked up a few of the cobblestone streets and entranceways in Montmartre, the Marais, and at Versailles.

Cobblestones in Paris, Fr. by DG Hudson


Fontaines de la Concorde

The detailed fountain shown below is a popular photo opportunity location in Paris. Small and large spouts of water encircle the fountain, and the statues are embellished with gilding.  Remember the old movies of the past with shots of the fountains of Paris? This is another one of those meeting spots where people like to congregate and get their bearings, and it's a cooling spot when the weather's hot.

Fontaines de la Concorde, Paris Fr., by DG Hudson


The Dome

Observing the dome rising behind the arched entrance in the photo below, I was reminded of Victorian styling and attention to detail, much of which is incorporated in 'steampunk' design. Can you imagine the view from that round window, and what about the room behind the window? This building is situated behind the 'walking' statue of General Charles de Gaulle on one of the main thoroughfares in Paris.

Detail of Dome and Arch on Building, by DG Hudson


Our Lady of Paris, Notre Dame de Paris

The delicacy of detail in the architecture of Notre Dame is something to behold. Considering when it was built, the feat is impressive.

Notre Dame Cathedral Detail, Front, by DG Hudson

Our Lady of Paris, Notre Dame, has endless details and embellishments in its Gothic arches and sculptures. I didn't climb the 400 stairs inside the church, the lineup was a long and winding road. Next time, perhaps. I can't help thinking of the Hunchback of Notre Dame, who peered between these stone decorations to watch the people below.

Details make the difference in how we remember a place. In our writing, we can inject that information to bring the reader closer to the scene or location being described.
Record those descriptions on location by whatever method suits you. I keep a travel journal, with notes, sketches and observations for further research on my return.


Note: the excessive use of a certain word is intentional to make a point.

Any cobblestone streets in your city or town? Buildings with ornate or steampunk/Victorian designs?
Can you name one item with 'little details' that you recall from any travels? Why do you remember it?
Please share in the comments and thanks for stopping by!



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