Sunday, February 23, 2014

From Despair to Relief - A Scary Road

EXTRA! EXTRA! Sunday News!

In Roland Yeoman's novels, Sam McCord and Samuel Clemens are good friends and survive many adventures together. Their creed: a friend is there when you need a helping hand. A friend does what he can. Roland has always been a great supporter of the blogging community. Now we can pay back that support and generosity by buying one of Roland's books. If that doesn't fit your budget, then offer a word of support at his blog. You can make an author smile. Let's continue the Book-a-thon idea started by Sean at the Midlist Writer and  Civil War Horror blogs.

Roland is at home now, recuperating. The surgery was successful, and he's sleeping a lot as part of the recovery. How do I know this? The ghost of Hemingway told me.  Writing in the Crosshairs, Roland blog, is where he shares his wisdom, wit and writing chops. He's also shared the journey from discovery of the cancer to the removal.

I'm highlighting three of his books that are in my TBR stack. Roland has created a unique universe woven in layers, with well-rounded characters and an undead cast of regulars. Following is a snippet about each.


French Quarter Nocturne
New Orleans after Katrina.

The French Quarter after dark. Don't look in the shadows and don't run. The darkness is trying to envelope the city after the flooding and before help arrives. Only one man and his unusual priest friend face the darkness in the battle to help those who can't help themselves. Sam McCord and Renfield, an unlikely, but highly effective pairing. I'll review this when done.


Death in the House of Life
A tale of Egypt shortly after the completion of the Suez Canal

A story of Egypt in its period of British Occupation and the international 'assistance' it received in running the Egyptian government.  A young Winston Churchill. Tombs uncovered in the desert reveal secrets hidden beneath the sands. My favorite book of Roland's to date is Death in the House of Life, and not just because Sekhmet makes an appearance. Click  for the review and interview on location in the past. . .


Next up: Her Bones are in the Badlands
A story of the silent film era, on location


Have you read any of Roland's novels? Do you have a favorite character? Do you know who' Hibbs, the Bear with Two Shadows' is?

Please share in the comments here, and don't forget to visit Roland's blog. 'You've got mail' is sometimes nice to hear, and especially so when you've just had a surgeon working on your face. Any mention on your blog about Roland's books would be appreciated.

BTW - it's been snowing off and on here, since yesterday. I am not amused. . .