Friday, June 13, 2014

BLADE RUNNER - Then and Now Movie Blogfest

Do we change our perceptions of movies as we go through life? 

Then (1980s) and Now
June 13, 2014

Blade Runner

A near future dystopian story, this movie gave us a new kind of hero. At first, he's all business, then things start to change. Harrison Ford, as Rick Deckard is the retired special operative of the police who is called back to track down Replicants on the run. Released in 1982, this film adaptation by director Ridley Scott is based on a 1968 novel by Philip K. Dick, called Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Some Replicants defy the ban on returning to Earth, and are hunted down by police operatives called 'Blade Runners'. The setting is Los Angeles in the year 2019. Film-noir techniques are used, giving the story an ominous tone. Recommended.

The film raised idealogical questions:
-who has the right to decide how long we or other entities get to exist?
-should the 'fail-safe' of an expiry date be removed from artificial intelligence which interacts with humans?
-what are the consequences of the replicants living longer lives?


There is a suggestion woven into the movie that humans might not be adverse to robotic entities that look exactly like humans. The suggestion of hunting for rogue humanoid robots seems more likely now than it would have in 1982 when Blade Runner was released.

Blade Runner could represent our future, depending on the choices we make now and in the near future. They still had ethnic food takeout, but pollution had won out in the atmosphere. This film is a favorite.


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