Saturday, December 14, 2013

VANCOUVER - Snow of Winters Past

Christmas Day can be green or white in our city. It can snow in the suburbs, or only in pockets of the Vancouver region.

Stanley Park Snowy Seawall, Vancouver Snow photos*

Our BC Coastal mountains usually boast white peaks on sunny days, but during the dark winter days, we can't always see our mountains through the fog or rain in the city. Vancouver weather is generally much milder than the rest of Canada, including the rest of BC. We have warm ocean currents to thank for that, as well as the protection of Vancouver Island.

Snowy logs at English Bay, Vancouver Snow photos*

These images are in the Downtown area of Vancouver. What do we think of icy bridges, unplowed streets, and inexperienced drivers? Don't ask.

Robson Square, Downtown Vancouver Snow Photos* 

Lights Shining in the Harbour

Christmas lights and holiday carolling on marine vessels are a tradition in the Vancouver Harbour, the Fraser River and other marine spots. Tugboats, paddlewheelers, smaller boats and ships show their lights in the night. Paddlewheelers on the Fraser River previously offered a 'lunch with Santa cruise' for the younger children.

Lights on Holiday Boats, Vancouver, Vanc'r Snow Photos*

*The images in this post were taken during different years and originate at the links shown below. So far this December, we've had one dusting of snow.

Snow Update: As of December 20, we have had about five inches more of that wet snow deposited. It hangs heavy on the trees, weighing their branches downward. The snow's weight also disrupted a few power lines and traffic. Rain is supposed to follow.


Do you take snow photos? Does your city have a lighting display down your Main Street or on bridges? Is there snow where you live?

Please share your comments! I'm always listening. Thanks to those who stop by often or even occasionally to offer their insight and comments. The gift of your time throughout the year is appreciated. I hope you'll hang around in 2014.


Happy Holidays!
Wishing you a warm, safe and comforting holiday.

Santas and Model Train, by DG Hudson



*The sites showing these photos and others: Vancouver Snow Festival site Stanley Park in the Snow. Gastown, in Vancouver, BC.