Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WEP Beginnings: Fall In, Take Me Away, and Lookout Rock

Hosted by Denise Covey at Write-Edit-Publish 2014

Three women, three cities, three stories. . .

Fall In

The sailing ship, The Jolly Rogerbobbed in the waters of Schooner Cove in old Key West. I sat in the bar nearby sipping iced tea. I would be on that tall-masted beauty the next morning. I had gone as far as I could go on land. 

Tour Boat in Schooner Cove, Key West FL, by D G Hudson

"Leave the city behind," they said, "and sail away to a different harbor. It will help you to forget. Give yourself time to heal."

A new harbor? Perhaps. A new identity, a new face, they'll never know what happened to me, that woman who fell overboard. . .during the midnight astronomy cruise. It may just make the morning news.


Take Me Away

The Open Road, River, or Ocean

PARIS - Seine River Tour Boats and Bridges, by D G Hudson

As I gaze at the Seine River from the Pont D'Iena, I don't regret what I have done. My past life is gone forever. My family, my work, all gone. I wish the river would take me away too, but I have a few things to do first.

In this, my new beginning, I burned the letters which would incriminate others. There were worth a fortune. But there is one more, an important one. The Paris letter is hidden in the lower levels of the Louvre, in one of the statues in Antiquity. 

I know which one. . .


Lookout Rock

Winter in British Columbia Interior, by DG Hudson

A burst of light caught my attention as it reflected off the white crystals of the snow covering the ground. Another day of low temperatures and cold grey skies, I thought as I looked out the window. In the early morning light, I could see Lookout Rock at the top of the hill. Like a sentinel it stands. 

It's been a week now, but every day seems the same. It's too quiet. I know it takes time to be comfortable in a new place. I know that. I've done this before. . .that doesn't make it any easier. 


Write-Edit-Publish (WEP)
First Entry January 2014

Joining this month's Write Edit Publish, is a new beginning for me. I'm testing the fit, since I'm trying to gather some short fiction ideas, and perhaps work some of them into stories. I'm eager to read the other entries and perhaps meet new bloggers or old friends.

WEP-Denise Covey's monthly bloghop is appealing because of the flexibility. Bloggers are expected to reciprocate if they want feedback, or just comment and visit the other participants. Denise has a widget in her sidebar (on WEP page) that bloggers will update when they post their entry. Don't forget, a different challenge once a month keeps the creative side of the brain happy.


Please let me know you were here in the comments. These story snippets illustrate that, unfortunately, not all new beginnings are good ones. Thanks for stopping by! 

Do you participate in WEP or other monthly bloghops? 

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