Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rainforest Reviews #9 - SCIFI: The BACKWORLDS

They're Out There, on the Edge. . . waiting

The Backworlds
Book 1

M.Pax's latest, The Backworlds (prop.MPax)

This story is about a young Verkinn, Craze, who gets booted from his comfortable home and easy life.  He's given no choice, his fate already decided by others.  Duped by his own father and the town council, he's pronounced an outcast and forcibly harassed until he boards a starship leaving the planet Siegna.   He's determined to prove his fellow Verkinn wrong.  His adventure begins.

Craze has observed his father's business skills in the family tavern and knows how to negotiate.  On his way to his first stop, he meets two fellow travelers who become friends, then crew-partners of a 'revived' spaceship that takes them to the Backworlds.  Through his innate cunning and his ability to recognize an opportunity, Craze begins to collect some new friends.  A deal is made, one that could change his future if he stays alive.  It could also write his epitaph, if he makes a mistake.

As he runs from one close encounter to another, Craze learns the value of trust and how to circumvent trouble.  He also learns something his father never taught him, that one's friends sometimes have to be repaid for their kindness and loyalty.  Money and fear are two important tools used for trade and coercion in the Backworlds.  A last minute passenger who joins the crew is adept at using these tools.

MPax has subtle touches of tech mixed in the narrative, just enough to round out the setting details and enhance the world building.  A personal observation: I'm reminded of R. Silverberg's Majipoor series, with it's variety of otherworld beings.

A nice surprise :  The excerpt from Stopover at Backworlds' Edge, Book 2 in this series, was enticing and the wait won't be long.  It's coming July 23rd; details on this book and other works at M. Pax's blog, Wistful Nebulae

MPax, Author bio:

"Science fiction writer. Ebooks, short stories and more. Amateur astronomer giving star tours at Pine Mountain Observatory. I'm also obsessed with Jane Austen."

Drop by her site and see what's new in the Pacific Northwest region.


Do you follow MPax's blog? If not, check it out at the links below.  Have you read The Backworlds or any other titles by M.Pax?  If not, what SciFi/Fantasy author do you remember?  Please share in the comments.


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