Monday, September 22, 2014

Alex's Underrated Treasures Blogfest - Dragon's Egg and Starquake

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Alex J. Cavanaugh says:

'Everyone has a favorite movie or band that no one else has ever heard about. For whatever reason, they remain undiscovered and underrated. Post about your favorite unknown – one or all four – dealer’s choice!  MOVIE – BAND/ARTIST – TV SHOW – BOOK

Hop through the linky list and have fun!'


I chose a science fiction novel(s) by Robert L. Forward, Dragon's Egg and its companion story Starquake, an story about the fast life of Cheelas, creatures on a neutron star, and the humans who discover the intelligent life. Published in 1980 by Del Rey Books, Ballantine Books, N.Y. This is hard science fiction, and a bit different from contemporary fast paced space operas.

Dragon's Egg:

Intelligent life is found on a neutron star, a extremely dense entity which humans cannot land upon. The creatures live a hundred years in one hour of human time. A Cheela evolves from savagery to science in a span of days, with the help of astronauts orbiting high above Dragon's Egg. These humans become observers, then teachers, then friends.


A monstrous quake rocks Dragon's Egg, destroying many Cheelas. A few survivors fight for their lives. The humans, so high above the neutron star must decide whether to let this alien race risk extinction or try to help and perhaps die in the attempt.


Dr. Robert L. Forward, is a science fiction novelist, science-fact writer and consulting scientist. In 1987, Forward left Hughes Aircraft Company Research Labs, in order to become a writer and aerospace consultant. Between 1983 to the present, he contracted to work for the Department of Defense (US) and NASA on a project to discover breakthroughs in space power and propulsion. 

Dragon's Egg


The copy I have includes both stories: Dragon's Egg and Starquake. Published in 1980 by Del Rey Books , Ballantine Books, N.Y.


Just so all you dragon lovers know: There are no dragons in this novel, the constellation in question is shaped like a dragon, with the neutron star acting as the egg. To access the linky list, go to Alex's Blog.

 Have you read anything by Robert L. Forward?  Do you prefer something lighter than hard science fiction?

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