Tuesday, September 2, 2014

PARIS - Unique Galleries at the Louvre

 In a building that started life as a palace, much of the grandeur remains, making it a perfect place to showcase art.

A Louvre Gallery with overhanging Balcony by DG Hudson

In the old days (1800s), artists crowded the Louvre galleries to study art. They brought their easels and were observed by the visitors along with the masterpieces they studied. This is a long tradition in art schools and art studios. Go and study the masters, students are told. Students can still be seen performing this ritual.

Watch for the Crowds

One reason not to see the Louvre Museum in a large tour group is shown below. You can't get close enough to appreciate the art or get photographs. These crowds of anywhere from 25-50 clog the space around the art. We waited until the throngs passed on, and fortunately, the Louvre isn't as crowded in late September. There are maps, so you can't get lost. Discovering the Louvre and its treasures can be an adventure.

Winged Victory, the Nike of Samothrace, Louvre Museum, Paris by DG Hudson

Esthetically Pleasing

Light, space and design define this example of one gallery with paintings of various sizes on the walls. The fantastic Raft of the Medusa is the large painting on the left side. The variety in canvas measurements varies from wall size to small size. Don't try to rush through, or you may get a case of art overload. . .

A long and lush Louvre gallery; Raft of the Medusa on the left, by DG Hudson


Gilt embellishment

In several of the galleries, the ceilings are decorated with gilt plasterwork and inlaid paintings so don't forget to look up.

Louvre Museum Gallery with Gilt Ceiling by DG Hudson


If you haven't been to the Louvre, do you ever hope to see it? (Art museums don't appeal to everyone.) Have you enjoyed this glimpse into the palace? (It's a welcoming place.)

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