Friday, October 3, 2014

GIRL OF GREAT PRICE by Milo James Fowler

A Charlie Madison Detective Story about kidnapping and a girl who is more than she seems. . .

Milo has written a companion story setting the stage for his novel, Immaterial Evidence.

Girl of Great Price begins in classic noir style with a missing person, in this case a child snatched on the street by mysterious men. Or so Charlie is told. He accepts the assignment, mainly because he needs the cash and rent is due. As his investigation begins, he sees connections running to a Russian kingpin, who has 'eyes' everywhere. In a town sunken to its knees by brutish thugs, anything is possible.

Charlie has a soft spot for certain dames and innocent kids caught in the web of adult intrigue. He's ordered to find the little girl known as Mao, and tries to bluff his way in the decadent town. The wily detective sees a setup. As the game unfolds to the kingpin's advantage, Charlie calls in an IOU from his past.

Tension is palpable when you're on the losing side. Girl of Great Price held me captive 'til the end. It's perfect for a quick read. This little girl is unique. So is Charlie.


Have you read any of Milo's books before? Do you like suspense? This isn't straight suspense, it's slightly spiked. . .

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Girl of Great Price is available as of October 3, 2014. For more information on Girl of Great Price and Immaterial Evidence,  check at Milo's blog.