Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Get Healthy Blog Hop

Do you spend a lot of time sitting at a computer desk in your study, or at your work desk?

Can an apple 'help keep the doctor away'? Yes, the juice from the apple is said to disinfect the mouth of harmful bacteria. Changing your diet can reduce the number of times you get sick as you boost your immune system. What you eat does matter.

THANKS to our Hosts:  Stephen Tremp, L. Diane Wolfe, Michael DiGesu and Alex Cavanaugh who have teamed up for the Get Healthy Blog Hop. Participating is one way to jumpstart a change in your habits and in your mindset. Our hosts have asked us to contribute our best tips on health and what we do to maintain it. What could you do to make 2013 a healthier year?

The Trigger that got me started. . .
After a car accident, I started a weight training program to help counter the pain I felt in my upper body. I suffered nerve trauma in my right arm and one of the neck vertebrae from bracing for the impact of a rear-ender. I needed to strengthen the muscles of the shoulders, arms, back and neck to prevent constant pain. When I returned to work, I went to the employee gym.

What helped me: a full-body 45 minute weight-training workout five days a week at lunch. I used cable resistance machines, free weights, exercise balls and I walked. This plan was created by an instructor at the gym specifically to work around my injuries. Within a few months, I could sleep without pain and had less headaches. (NOTE: This type of full-body workout which tones is different from a body-building routine where the objective is to build bulk.)

What can you do to keep yourself healthy and prevent illness?

Start with the little things. . .
Walk every day or as much as you can. This helps keep joints flexible and improves circulation.
Motivate yourself with a class, a new routine or discipline, or get a friend to join you

'Clean' your diet by changing a few things for the better. Reducing salt or sugar is a start. Eating more veggies, greens, and fruits is another healthful change that's easy to do.

Do you work around a health issue? Have a favorite way to stay in shape? What do teachers do with all those apples?
Please share in the comments, and thanks for dropping by!

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