Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Juxtaposition - Vancouver Views

Vancouver combines the Old and the New, and blends it into Now. Certain heritage buildings have been saved from destruction and sit juxtapositioned between the shiny, reflective, and sleek in the downtown core.  We'll start at the water.

Canada Place Convention Centre - Dockside

Vancouver's premier convention centre with a beautiful view.  The marine traffic sports variety, too. Parking can be tough in our city.

Canada Place with Submarine and Ship in berths, by DG Hudson


The Vancouver Sun building, a newspaper icon, is shown in the background on the left (the name emblazoned at the very top ledge) and the original Sears Tower, now called Harbour Centre, is on the right background. In between these two stalwarts, this new blue design has added a bit of colour.

Vancouver Style - Old and New by DG Hudson


The Marine Building, with its Art Deco design is contrasted by its neighbors, mirrored and reflective. In the foreground is a polished sculpture of Dolphins. In my haste, I neglected to get the details about the sculpture.

Marine Building with Dolphin sculpture, DG Hudson


The Vancouver Art Gallery (formerly the Courthouse) faces Robson Street, a popular meeting spot. Robson Square offers street buskers and other interesting events, wide sidewalks, shops and eateries of various types. In spring and summer, you might find a band or two performing here.

The Hotel Vancouver , known for the greenish tinge of its copper roof, is on the left behind the Art Gallery. This Fairmont hotel was one of several 'railway hotels' owned by the rail companies which connected the provinces.

Art Gallery, Hotel Vancouver, and Robson St. by DG Hudson


Dramatic design, minimal and reflective to lighten the effect. The sleek exterior may appeal to those who value a great view.

Vancouver Architecture by DG Hudson


Christ Church Cathedral at Georgia and Burrard, sits across the street from The  Hotel Vancouver. These photos were taken when we were on our way to Christ Church Cathedral, another Heritage building in the downtown core, for a by-donation concert performed by the West Coast Symphony.
On my other blog, 21st Century Journal-Music in the Rafters, I've written about this old church in Vancouver.

Christ Church Cathedral and Hotel Vancouver, by DG Hudson


Do you have buildings like this in your city or town? Older? More modern? Know any of these sights? I'd be interested in your responses. Please share in the comments and thanks for visiting.


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