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The Book, by Jessica Bell - A Review

A child's viewpoint is simple, unfettered and direct. . .if something causes pain, then you cast it out. Bonnie, at five years, senses much more than her parents know. She hears, she sees and watches the adults each in their own worlds, and wonders at what she doesn't understand.

Cover of The Book by Jessica Bell

Initially, the book comes into being as a journal for the young child, an attempt to tell the child about her parents, who both write in it. It evolves into a entirely different creature, spawning emotions from all who touch it. In a split family, we watch a child in distress, intelligent beyond her years in the ways of adults and how they say one thing and do another. She's not sure who to trust, since she loves them all. But not the book, never the book.

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Bonnie resists, in every way she can. She knows adults can be fooled. She reaches out to the adults, but withdraws when they don't measure up. An engaging story, The Book should be read by anyone who deals with children, but especially parents. It's important to recognize the intellectual jumps some children can make by observing those closest to them.  In Bonnie's mind, The Book is the cause of the discord wrecking her family.

When families break apart, it's not easy to pick up the pieces. Four different people, each with a different yearning. I finished my review copy of The Book today, and by the last page, my emotions were in turmoil. You have to read it to find out why. This is a book that will grip your heart and not let go. Bravo, Jessica, I felt this one in my core.
Highly recommended.


Author Jessica Bell

Jessica Bell, Author of The Book

An Australian-native, the smiling beauty in the photo currently resides in Athens, Greece. She is a contemporary fiction author, poet and sing/songwriter/guitarist, whose literary inspiration often stems from songs she's written. Jessica is the Co-Publishing Editor of Vine Leaves Literary Journal and runs the Homeric Retreat and Workshop on the the Greek Island of Ithaca.

For more information, please visit her website:

If you don't currently follow Jessica's Blog, The Alliterative Allomorph, give it a preview. She features The Artist Unleashed-a series of guest posts, news about the self-publishing world, and what to do or what to avoid, when submitting to Vine Leaves Literary Journal.

For information about The Book Blog Tour in June and to see the trailer, visit Jessica's site. Jessica's books can be found on Amazon US, Amazon UK, Kobo, and Goodreads.


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