Saturday, April 7, 2012

G = Gay Purr-ee - A to Z Blog Challenge

Warner Bros. Image via Wikipedia

Gay Purr-ee
A Feline Adventure in Paris

Gay Purr-ee is an animated film musical produced by United Productions of America and released by Warner Bros. in 1962. Judy Garland is the voice of the female cat in her first and only animated-film role as Mewsette.  Robert Goulet is the voice of Jaune Tom, the male lead.

The setting for most of the action is Paris, France in 1895, but the story begins in Provence.  The lovely cat Mewsette is frustrated with her beau (Jaune Tom, an accomplished but shy mouser). Mewsette believes her human's stories of the glamorous life in Paris and longs to see the Big City for herself.

Hopping a train going to Paris, Mewsette is promptly snagged as a provincial ingenue by the slick con-cat Meowrice (The Money Cat).  For her training in the 'city' life, Meowrice introduces her to Kittie, a kind-hearted saloon singer.  When Jaune Tom (Jean-Tom) comes looking for Mewsette, she learns the value of friendship.  He and his sidekick are catnapped by the Money Cat's henchmen and crated for shipping to America. 

For a look at this retro animated musical video, check out the links below.  The cover image heading the post is from Warner Bros., via Wikipedia.  I discovered this movie when one of my kids selected it for viewing, because it had cats. The theme and choreography is vintage 60s.  The movie, and who did the voices.
The Money Cat song


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