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A = Aphrodite - A to Z Challenge 2012

Aphrodite at the Louvre, Paris - by DG Hudson

A = Aphrodite of Milos

DG's Theme: Paris, Etc (Art, Film, Places, People)
Also called the Venus de Milo statue, Aphrodite resides in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.  She's the Greek goddess of love and beauty.

Aphrodite, as seen in the photo above, was found in 1820 on Milos (or Melos), one of the Aegean islands.  The arms and original plinth have been lost.  Aphrodite’s face and body style are seen as a combination of the Classic and Hellenistic styles. During World War II, Aphrodite sheltered in safety at a French chateau along with two other important art works from the Louvre.

The legend surrounding Aphrodite started about 3200 BC, when she was revered by the Phoenicians.  She's the Greek Goddess without the body armor.  Born of a dispute between father and son, Aphrodite emerges fully grown in a very unconventional way.  I won't go into details.  See the links below for more on mythology.

Aphrodite seemed to have her fingers in everything, including the affairs of men.  The age of heroes ended with Zeus deciding to put an end to his daughter Aphrodite's practise of mating gods with humans.  These are half-human, half-god mythical heroes, not Marvel or DC comic superheroes.  To teach her a lesson, Zeus caused Aphrodite to fall in love with a mortal man, and suffer the strife of bearing a mortal son. 

Did you know Aphrodite was such a meddler?  Perhaps she had good intentions.  Comments are welcome.



Aphrodite at the Louvre Museum

Venus de Milo/Aphrodite

Aphrodite Legend

Aphrodite Myths



  1. This was one of my favorite stops (every day for a week) when I visited Paris many years ago. The angle of your photograph gives Aphrodite/Venus a surreal air. I did not know she was such a meddler.

  2. Givv'us our statue back!!! ;o) Are Greek Goddesses and Gods your theme for the challenge? Great idea! I'm Australian but have been living in Greece for the last 10 years. Great to meet you. New Follower!

  3. Lovely. Great blog. Sci-fi, art and old stuff and rainforest - what a wonderful combination. Maybe just add good food and good company to complete it.

  4. A wonderful start to the challenge, most interesting.

    Good luck with the challenge.

  5. I'm stopping by as part of the 2012 A-Z Blogging Challenge. So many new people to meet and cool blogs to check out. Here's to a great year!

  6. Interesting thought,never thought of her as a meddler - good or bad. She was just BUSY.

  7. that is wonderfully wonderful.

    Great start... to the challenge "A" is for Awesome!
    Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
    A to Z Co-Host
    IZOMBIE: Visit the Madness

  8. Thanks for the comments: I'll be stopping by soon.

    Gail: I could have uses a couple more days there, too!

    Jessica: I wondered how all the Greeks felt about Aphrodite, but she's in good hands. Thanks for the follow.

    Fiona: You're right. Will online company and virtual food do? Thanks for the follow.

    World of Poetry: Thank you for dropping by.

    Pa UI: I'll check out your blog.

    KC: Thanks for the follow. Nice to meet you.

    Faraway eyes: Thanks for stopping by. Will be at your blog soon.

    Retro-Zombie: Hi and thanks for the design of the A-Z I'm using. See you soon.

    And we're off to the races. . .

  9. Oh, I love mythology and art. Great post. New follower :)

    1. Welcome Tasha! Thanks for the follow. I love mythology too, our ancient stories.

  10. I love love love Greek mythology, and all the art pertaining to it. This statue is truly beautiful Great post and Happy A-Z challenge!

  11. Fascinating. Been a while since I saw this statue but it is lovely. Great to meet a fellow SF author too. I'm following!

  12. Hi DL .. going to enjoy these posts -and seeing more of Paris museum life .. also I need to learn a lot more about Greek mythology .. so excellent choice for the A - Z - cheers Hilary

  13. Hi, S.L. - Thanks for stopping by! I have an interest in the background of art works, which is often mythology.

    Welcome, Simon, nice to meet you too. Science Fiction is my kind of escape.

    The A-Z seem to have made a great start!

  14. I love mythology! I really enjoy Sci Fi that incorporates mythology. Art in general can be such a great source of writing material, too. Try forgetting that this statue is Aprhodite and give the woman a name and a life, see where it goes. What a great way to start the Challenge: with love and meddling. What will we love about the Challenge? And in what ways will it meddle with our lives?

  15. Great post! I love mythology so really enjoyed this post. Nice theme too. I've never been to Paris so will be interesting to see all of your posts :)

  16. Aphrodite is my hero. :)

    Great post!


  17. Mythology is interesting since it's tied in with the past. When we see something centuries, even thousands of years old, it's a reminder that lives are finite. (But look how long we've endured.)

    Thanks for stopping by, J.

  18. Martha - thanks for stopping by!

    Beccabooklover - please do come back and read those posts - I'll be stopping by your blog, too.

    JournalingWoman - Aphrodite sounds like a strong woman all right. Too bad Zeus was the boss.

  19. I'm a big fan of the Greek goddesses so I love your post!
    Great start to the A-Z!

    1. Hi nutschell - I like mythology, legends, and folk heroes. Dragons, too. Thanks for stopping by.

      I'll be checking your post, too.

  20. Great theme you picked. She's absolutely gorgeous. Would love to see her in person some day.

  21. I'm finally getting to read your Paris posts. Love this Aphrodite and the Louvre. I'm planning to get to Paris in 2014 for my birthday.


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