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C = Crêpes - French Faves, 2015 A to Z Blog Challenge

What is a Crêpe

Creative Commons - A Stack of crêpes

A very thin pancake, usually made from wheat or buckwheat flour. Originating in France, it comes from the Latin word crispa, meaning curled. Crêpes are often associated with Brittany, in northwest France, but they are consumed in many other areas of Belgium, Canada, and many parts of North America, Europe, Africa and even some parts of South America. Who knew??

C = Crêpes

Breton Crêpes - crunchy, crispy edges that curl naturally when cooking, topped with cheese and dollops of spinach, cooked on the spot.  In the café we visited, American music played in the background, perhaps to lure the American tourists inside.  All we saw were locals. The Crêpes were served with French apple cider, with a slight alcoholic kick. We stopped in the afternoon after an extensive walk, hungry and thirsty.  We were not disappointed.

One location to find them:

111 Rue Vieille du Temple, Paris

and see this article/post:
The best crêperies in Paris

Sweet crepes and Toppings- WC

Personal note: In my early days in Vancouver, I discovered a place on Robson Street called Chez Felix, a classy little café, where I had my first crêpes.  It's no longer there. Another place of note outside Paris that made great crêpes was a beachside crêperie in Mission Bay, San Diego. There I had my first savoury crêpes: fillings of mushroom, or crab, or spinach in a white sauce. If you need a recipe, I have one.

For a short flash piece about Nutella-Banana crêpes, see this post (PARIS - Outside the Café)


Do you like crêpes? Do you know a favorite place that serves them? Or are tortillas more to your liking?

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