Tuesday, April 14, 2015

L = Lights of Paris, French Faves - A to Z Challenge

Paris is called the City of Light**. That includes the streetlights of Paris, the lights illuminating the buildings of Paris, and the way the lights transform the streets of Paris at night.

L = Lights of Paris


The detail of the streetlights vary by location. The older the area, the more ornate the light standard and the lights. 
Some of the streetlights near the Louvre have crowns at the top, perhaps reminiscent of when the museum was a palace. Other streetlights on the bridges have a more elaborate design, such as the Pont Alexander III.

Streetlights, Eiffel Tower, Seine River and Bridges of Paris, by DG Hudson


Lights in Paris at night create a certain atmosphere of warmth (in the bistros and cafes, on the streets, and on the bridges)

Cafe Louis Philippe, Paris by DG Hudson

The warmth shows at the windows of the bistros, and spills out onto the tables and chairs outside under the awnings. You are beckoned to the light, the warmth, the camaraderie, and the smell of good food.

The Seine River and Lights, Paris by DG Hudson

Illumination Lights = the act or instance of shedding light on something, such as buildings, or lighting something up. (Oxford Dictionary) i.e., Paris Illumination

The Hôtel de Ville

Night lighting brings details to the fore and reminds us of this building's infamous burning. In 1871, the Paris Commune chose the Hôtel de Ville as its headquarters and as anti-Commune troops approached, the Communards set fire to the building, destroying records from the French Revolutionary period. All that remained afterward was a gutted stone shell. (from Wikipedia and other references).

Communards = members and supporters of the Paris Commune, which lasted from March 18 - May 28, 1871.

Hotel de Ville, Paris, in Night Illumination, by DG Hudson


Night Cruises on the Seine River

Floating down the Seine River on a Bateau Parisienne tour boat, we see the Alexander III Pont (bridge) . . .the water reflects the illumination highlights, like a Monet water scene.

Seine River, Paris, Pont Alexander III in background, by Green Eye, prop. DGH


Do you know of other cities which illuminate or use artistic lighting to enhance architecture, especially in the evening?

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