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R=Rue de Rivoli, French Faves - A to Z Challenge

On this street . . .there is much to do and see: shops, bistros, historical places, and arcades. In one section, the tourist shops, in another the high end hotels. 

Rue de Rivoli street sign - CC

R = Rue de Rivoli

The Rue de Rivoli is one of the most famous streets of Paris. It was named for the Battle of Rivoli, one of Napoleon's early victories against the Austrian army in 1797. A Paris municipal building is shown below, in the Marais section of the street.

A Marais section of the rue de Rivoli, Creative Commons, PD

Beneath the rue de Rivoli, runs one of the main brick-vaulted oval sections of the sewers of Paris. Above the street, you will see 18th century houses which have survived and are still used as apartment residences, short-term rental apartments or boutique hotels. 


Closeup of the Details on Louvre building by DG Hudson

North of the rue de Rivoli is the Opera Garnier, also called the Paris Opera. See the A to Z letter 'O' for Operas of Paris.

East along the rue de Rivoli in the gilded statue of  Joan of Arc, She sits astride her steed, never daunted, facing the oncoming traffic. In the image below the Louvre Museum is on the right, the Hotel Regina, with arcades at the street level, is behind the statue.

Joan of Arc, Place des Pyramides, Paris by DG Hudson

The new street that Napoleon Bonaparte pierced through the heart of Paris took for one side the north wing of the Louvre Palace (before it became the Louvre Museum) and included the Tuileries Gardens.


Do you know the history behind the rue de Rivoli? Have you heard of this famous street, or the older part of it, the Marais?

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