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N = Nouvelle Athènes, Paris - A to Z Blog Challenge

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Café de la Nouvelle Athènes, Paris, Place Pigalle, before

N = Nouvelle Athènes

Café de la Nouvelle Athènes

A café in the Place Pigalle in Paris, Nouvelle Athènes, became the meeting place of many of the artists during the late 1800s. Matisse, Van Gogh and Degas frequented the café. Degas painted L'Absinthe, the image below, in the Nouvelle AthènesDelacroix and critic Guillaume Apollinaire lived in this district along with other musicians and writers.

Two figures dine at the 'Nouvelle Athènes' in this painting, L'Absinthe, by Degas, 1876.
These are models, not clientele. A 'slice' of a Paris café life.

L'Absinthe, Degas, 1876, PD*-WC

In the 1980s and '90s, the Nouvelle Athènes became a rock venue. The café was destroyed in 2004, after a long, if not always healthy, life. Think of the history that passed through those doors gone forever but captured in paintings like L'Absinthe.

Belle Époque

Prominent artists in Paris during the Belle Époque included post-Impressionists Paul Gauguin, Henri Matisse, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and a young Pablo Picasso. Some of these artists worked in both styles - Impressionism and post-Impressionism.

For more information on the Belle Époque, see References.

Maxim's (shown below) was founded as a bistro in 1893 and later became a Paris hotspot. One of its chefs included the young Wolfgang Puck. Maxim's, embellished with Art Nouveau designs, was a well-known gathering spot during the Belle Époque, the restaurant where everyone in Paris went to be seen.


Belle Epoque's Maxim's, Paris, 2010 by DG Hudson

Have you heard of Nouvelle Athènes? Belle Epoque? Do you like the painting above by Degas? Do you know the effects of Absinthe?

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Nouvelle Athenes 

La Belle Époque - Beautiful Era - DG's post


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L'Absinthe, by Degas, 1876
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Café de la Nouvelle Athènes, Place Pigalle, Paris, before
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