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J = JOYCE, JAMES, Author, A-Z Blog Challenge 2016

Then came an Irishman who wrote something entirely different . . .

James Joyce, Author, 1918 - 1941, PD

J = JOYCE, James, Author
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James Augustine Aloysius Joyce, February 2, 1882 to January 13, 1941, was an Irish novelist and poet, considered to be one of the most influential and important authors of the twentieth century. Joyce's Irish experiences constitute an essential element of his writings.

Joyce is best known for Ulysses, in 1922, Dubliners - short stories (1914) A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (1916), and Finnegans Wake in 1939. He wrote poetry, a play, occasional journalism and his published letters. Joyce emigrated permanently to Europe in 1904 with his partner and later wife, Nora Barnacle. They lived in Paris, Zurich and Trieste. No matter. He writes about Dublin.

On January 11, 1941, Joyce had surgery in Zurich for a perforated ulcer. He relapsed and fell into a coma, then woke a couple of days after that to ask a nurse to call his wife and son. They were on their way when he died 15 minutes later. Nora, who had married Joyce in 1931, survived him by 10 years and is buried by his side, as is their son who died in 1976. He rests in a prominent 'honor grave' with a seated statue of himself nearby.

The Lost Generation was the generation that came of age during WWI. The term was made popular by Ernest Hemingway, who used it in The Sun Also Rises, but Hemingway credits the phrase to Gertrude Stein, his mentor and patron. Joyce was considered a part of that illustrious group which included Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, T.S. Eliot, Faulkner, Franz Kafka, Henry Miller and others.


Other Works by Joyce

Dubliners (short stories)

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Published by Sylvia Beach in 1922, from her Paris bookshop, Shakespeare and Company.

Finnegan's Wake
Reaction mixed: negative comments from previous supporters of James Joyce's work  

Joyce's method of 'stream of consciousness', literary allusions and free dream associations was pushed to the limit in Finnegans Wake. What do you think?


Do you remember either of these works of James Joyce? What do you think of other works by James Joyce?


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