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T = TEPPER, Sheri S., Author, A-Z Blog Challenge 2016

An excellent writer of science fiction with a different Point of View. . .

Sheri S. Tepper, Author

T = Tepper, Sheri Stewart, Author
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Sheri Stewart Tepper, born July 16, 1929, is an American writer of Science Fiction, Horror and Mystery novels. She is known to be controversial at times, addressing issues others might be reluctant to discuss. Sheri lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

She has written under several pseudonyms, including A. J. Orde, E. E. Horlak, and B. J. Oliphant. In November 2015, she received the World Fantasy Award for Live Achievement.

A couple of Sheri S. Tepper's books that I've read: 

The Companions by Sheri S. Tepper


The Gate to Women's Country by Sheri S. Tepper

Other titles read: Singer from the Sea, Six Moon Dance, The Family Tree, and Shadow's End. I enjoy the way she weaves her stories.

Sheri S. Tepper's many acclaimed novels include: The Margarets and Gibbon's Decline And Fall, both shortlisted for the Arthur C. Clarke Award, and A Plague Of Angels, Sideshow and Beauty, which was voted Best Fantasy Novel Of The Year by readers of Locus magazine.

Other titles by Tepper using pseudonyms:

As A.J. Orde (mystery):  The Jason Lynx Mysteries, featuring a Colorado antiques dealer and his significant other, a female cop

As B.J. Oliphant (mystery): Shirley McClintock Mysteries

As E.E. Horlak (horror): Still Life

Tepper writes series and non-series books, essays, poetry and short works as well.


Have you heard of or read any of Sheri S. Tepper's novels? What do you think of her work?

(I am a fan of Tepper's work because she addresses social issues that have been under long-range discussion since the 1970s; faves are The Gate to Women's Country and The Family Tree - not what you'd expect. . .)

Please leave a comment to let me know you were here and I'll respond. Thanks for dropping by! Posting a bit later today, sorry about that. I've been sleep-deprived. . .


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