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R = ROBB, Graham - Author, A-Z Blog Challenge 2016

How would you like to go on a Tour that's an Adventure History of Paris ? That's the subtitle for Parisians, and Graham Robb is the author.

Author Graham Robb, The Sunday Times, UK 

R = Robb, Graham, Author
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Born in Manchester, Graham Robb attended school in Worcester, Oxford, and Exeter College. Over the years, he  accumulated several degrees and and published a few New York Times, "Best Books of the Year". All three of his biographies -Victor Hugo, Rimbaud and Balzac went on to be judged in this category. Robb married Margaret Hambrick in 1986. 

The Discovery of France by Robb won the Duff Cooper Prize in 2007 and the RSL Ondaatje Prize in 2008. 'The great and daring trick Robb pulls off is to make the familiar so unfamiliar that in every sense it is like seeing the city anew. In this, he admirably fulfils his boldest stated aim – to renew for the writer and reader "the pleasure of thinking about Paris".'

Robb received the Grande Medaille de la Ville de Paris in 2012.


Cover for Parisians, by Graham Robb

From My Review of Parisians in November 2013:
Is a city shaped by its citizens or are the citizens shaped by their city? Imagine taking a time-machine trip into the past and dropping in on the jazz scene in 50s Paris or watching from a horse as Napoleon's vision of the city unfolds before you. Graham Robb takes us on a similar trip with his novel, Parisians.

Have you read any of the Graham Robb novels? Which ones? Have you heard of him before? How are you managing with the A to Z postings? 

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